About the "Energy Boost" helping with IR

by LP

I have one question about this product. It says something about it possibly causing an increase in testosterone. I am a woman so do I want this? (I don't want increased hair growth on my face) And it also says that you shouldn't take it if you have high blood pressure (or was it low?) Anyway, I have normal blood pressure, but because I suffer from anxiety the Dr. put me on a low dose of blood pressure meds just to help me stay calmer, and he said it would help my heart in the long run.

So, should I take this product or not?

And, how do you get your Dr. to give you Leptin
to help decrease your appetite and or to help with diabetes (my mother has this and I'm afraid that I'm heading that way...
that is why I'm interested in the Energy Boosting formula for IR)

I would appreciate receiving answers to my ?'s Thanks!

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Sep 08, 2009
About the "Energy Boost" helping with IR
by: Wray

Hi LP. I'm very puzzled! Nowhere on the page does it mention an increase in testosterone, in fact the reverse is the case. High insulin leads to high testosterone, the idea behind the boost is to reduce insulin, which in turn reduces testosterone. And no where does it say you shouldn't take it if you have high blood pressure, or low for that matter.

We have many using it with both high and low blood pressure. One man has been on high BP drugs for years and is now taking it, says it's the first time he's had any energy. If you have normal BP it seems daft to give you meds to lower it further! No drug benefits us, if you have anxiety progesterone helps greatly, as it activates the GABA receptor sites. GABA is our main calming neurotransmitter. You might like to look at this web page.

Another amino which is excellent for calming is taurine. This is also vital for the heart, there's more taurine in the heart than all other aminos put together. It will calm a racing heart, calms the brain, lowers cholesterol as it's an integral part of bile, it's even used for epilepsy.

I can't advise on whether you should take the formula or not, all I can say is many are using it to good affect, including me! It does help stabilise blood sugar, as does progesterone.

Leptin is still in the experimental stages, ie it's only been used on mice, not on humans. Progesterone raises leptin levels, please see here, and here.

And please see Dr Mercola's web site about diabetes.

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