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by Kaye

I don't think this page is long enough to go into my whole story which started in 2004! This is the second time I have asked a question and have not received an answer to the first one. Not sure this site is working. But thought I would give it a shot again. I have two questions basically.

1. I had a sinus infection April 2015. Since then have had vertigo, and tinnitus off and on with anxiety. I did not take the recommended usual meds for this. I have been to ENT no loss of hearing, no menierres, nothing could be found, been to chiropractor,2 different cranial sacral work, acupuncture, and PT who said I Bppv but exercises did not help and even had binasal treatment with balloons. So, was wondering if it could be a low progesterone thing with high estrogen. I recently found out I have PCOS.

2. In December 2015 my doc put me on DIM and wow it really helped with anxiety and now estrogen levels (had them checked with the DUTCH test) are in normal range. But anxiety came back. So my question is. I had tried progesterone on the skin many times and could not absorb it. Have tried troches, shots, cream (Natpro), Wylies protocol, and ended up using prometrium which this new doc took me off of and am now on progesterone compounded from Pharmacy. I am still having anxiety. She only has me on 30mg aday but can raise it to 60mg. Question: It it more potent this way? And since my estrogen is now in range, if I increase the progesterone what are the chances of having ED symtoms for very long. Not sure I could stand it getting worse. My vit D is in the 20s and know it should be higher and after reading all the info on this sight have started raising it. Also, I take many of the natural supplements suggested by Wray (esp. calming aminos and even herbs for anxiety) Thank you for any ideas. Luv, K

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Aug 20, 2016
vitamin d levels
by: Tila

Kaye, I have been an avid reader on this site for over 2 years now. Wray reminds and reminds and teaches and lectures about the importance of vitamin d3. When I began reading, I was a rare case and had my levels in the 50's just by chance because I took a 5000 unit daily. I came here suffering greatly with going into menopause with severe hotflashes. Life debilitating! Wray always teaches that the progesterone therapy wont be effective until we get those d levels up and yours in the 20's must be miserable. I too have taken dim and all the aminos and supplements Wray recommends to try and obtain relief. For a while my progesterone was 1200 mg daily to try and get a small amount of relief. I will continue below as I am running out of room....Tila

Aug 20, 2016
vitamin d levels 2
by: Tila

Hi Kaye, Tila again, anyway, until I got my d levels into the early 80's, I was on a merry go round of dim, calcium d glucarate, Wrays suggested formulas for comfort, and massive amounts of progesterone. Then one day, I realized that I didn't need all the stuff, including progesterone in massive amounts. I now do about 150mg of progesterone daily. But I believed Wray about the Vitamin D and stayed faithful. I took 20,000 units daily to raise my levels and stayed current with my blood tests. I now daily take 10-15000 units daily. I'm 56 and sailing thru life again. What a terrible ride till those levels hit the 80's. Believe Wray. Your sinus stuff is also a sign of low vitamin D3. Push your d3. Its works.

Aug 21, 2016
by: Kaye

Tila!Oh thank you so much for your reply!! Its with tears that Im replying to you. I haven't been on this site for a long time and it has changed.Did you have vertigo and anxiety too?Im going tomorrow to see if Eustachian tubes are plugged.Im desperate to get these issues gone!!Can hardly function.I didn't know that about VD3.I didn't realize you could take that much.I use Biotics VD3 drops. They are emulsified so they don't pass thru the liver and are VERY effective.I drop them on back of my hand and lick off cuz cant tell how many drops I get if I put in mouth.Did your symptoms just start fading?I have had my VD3 in the minus before and didn't have these issues but I'm 66 and things don't work the same.Wow you were taking a lot of progesterone!If this works you r my hero! I had oophorectomy in my 40s.But am now having symptoms.Thank you sooo much.Ive spent tons of money and its wearing so bad on my husband.Any other info you can think of? Kaye

Aug 23, 2016
About DIM
by: Joy

Hi Kaye

As much as we would like to, it is virtually impossible answering every single post, the volume is huge. We do try our best though.

You might like to try the amino acid Cysteine (NAC) for your sinus problems. It is an extremely powerful amino and helps to alleviate sinus build up and fluid on the lungs. It also builds the immune system, boosts metabolism, chelates heavy metals as well as being a powerful anti-oxidant.

Tinnitus and vertigo usually happens more frequently in women in Peri-Menopause nearly Menopause, could this be you? If so, the cause is from progesterone withdrawal during the few days prior to bleeding, leaving estrogen the dominant hormone. Peri-Menopause is a time of dropping progesterone levels, as anovulatory cycles become more frequent.
Estrogen is an excitatory, inflammatory hormone causing water retention. This can affect the fluid in the ear and therefore balance. All your symptoms are actually crying out Estrogen
Dominance. I am pleased that you are taking the calming aminos mentioned on the Anxiety page, but how long have you been taking them for? PCOS is caused by oxidative stress and unless the inflammation is dealt with you will battle. Have you been tested for Insulin Resistance?

Most people are lead to believe DIM reduces estrogen levels, it doesn't. It changes the ratio of bad estrogen to better. Estrogen is broken down into 2 principle metabolites, 2-hydroxyestrone (2-OHE1) and 16-alpha hydroxyestrone (16alpha-OHE1). 16alpha-OHE1 is regarded as a potent estrogen, whereas 2-OHE1 is a weak estrogen. DIM increases levels of 2-OHE1, by doing so it also increases the ratio of 2-OHE1:16alpha-OHE1. This increased ratio is associated with a lower risk for breast cancer. You could try taking Calcium D-glucarate, this does reduce estrogen and far better.

I am sorry, but I don’t accept the words "your hormones are in range, or that they are normal", what exactly is normal? Please compare your results to those on the Hormone Testing page which is correct. Sadly you have not been advised on how to use progesterone correctly. Please read the How to use Progesterone Cream page for more information. Nothing less than 100mg of the correct progesterone method and concentration should be used, often more is needed and if you are in Peri-Menopause you would definitely need around 200mg, possible more until progesterone becomes the dominant hormone. Compounded creams often come mixed with parabens, chemicals, estrogen and testosterone, not what any woman needs, please check yours. How long will it take? Well that would depend on how much excess estrogen you have and considering that your Vitamin D3 level is low, this will also have an effect on efficiency. Are you taking the Co-factors for D3? Magnesium is considered the most important, but the others also play an important role.

Please read these pages if you have not done so already:
How to use Progesterone Cream
Estrogen Dominance
Vitamin D3
Progesterone Cream
Hormone Testing
Delivery Methods
Insulin Resistance
Causes of Dizziness

Aug 24, 2016
About DIM
by: Kaye

Oh Joy I didn't mean offense at all. I was under Wrays tutelage several years ago. This format has changed. I understand her not doing it anymore but looks like she has good help.:) In my 1st. email I explained my situation more fully.I have had an oophorectomy in my late 30s. Couldn't take estrogen. didn't have anxiety til 2004. Have done tons of research about it.Ive tried: GABA,Ltheonine,glycine, taurine, valerian root,kava,passionflower with lemon grass,magnolia bark,and many combos eating frequent meals.Ive taken Seri-Phos (old formula not new one)to help lower cortisol levels. I only use lorazepam .5 when its really tough.Im not addicted. All of these things help to get by but it comes back.I didn't know that about DIM.I tried Natpro but couldn't absorb it. I have tried other brands too. Anything on the skin didn't work but that was before Vit.D3 info. I have read most of the info you sent.So do I ask my Doc to give me 100mg.vaginally progesterone to help?If u r talking about Vit.K as cofactor, yes I am but not sure the dose a day.I have been using NAC 300mga day as per doc.I have not heard of CalDglucarate.Where do I get this?The DUTCH test showed I'm methylating(not sure I understand all that)and estrogen and metabolites are low. This is a dried urine test not saliva or blood. Its new to me.I have low thyroid and am on Westhroid.Im using a progesterone in an nonallergic oil.Its only progesterone nothing else.My angst started when I took an oral compounded progesterone and my levels were 2000 from spit test.So not knowing it that probably started the whole disrupt.So,the answer is to increase prog.take caldgluc.and up vitd3 with cofactors and wait to see when things change around?Im just so miserable,I hate the thought of it getting worse to get better??sigh.....

Dec 27, 2016
by: Kaye

Hello everyone! I haven't been on here for awhile, my dad became ill and passed away on dec. 10th. He was 90 and had a full life.

BUT the news I have is this. I have used prometrium for years (and tried troches, shots, creams etc in past) But new Doc wanted me to try compounded cream vaginally. I started it in April 2016. By August I had seen no affect (major symptom was anxiety.) While waiting for new refill of cream, I thought I would use what I had left of Prometrium as a bridge til I recd. new presc. When I recd. new presc, I decided to use both and use the rest of the oral along with the cream!! WELL, lo and behold the anxiety started fading away. I was shocked! I called the Pharmacist and she said it could be because the cream and oral affect different receptors and am now get full affect. For anyone that knows my story, I have tried EVERY known supplement, hormone including oxytocin on the planet and used every form of progesterone since 2004 to no avail. BUT this combo has worked. Its been 2 months and even going thru the stress of watching my dad die, and the holidays at the same time, NO ANXIETY! I am going to get some Natpro to use as a bridge if compounding doesn't get here on time!.

Dec 27, 2016
by: Kaye

oops forgot to tell you about docs finding out that because of new info on my 23andme info she took me off ALL supplements! That meant all calming supplements too. She went to new neurological conference with a neuro/psychiatrist reviewed my gene info and found that I overmethylate and under detox. So I don't get rid of "stuff" right. She recommended an infrared sauna (they have portable ones reasonably priced) and to go very very very slow with anything I take. "Real food" is best. Which is hard to do with contamination in most food products etc. And she also put me on Westhroid thyroid and now my thyroid is spot on for the first time in years. Still having some issues but will try to figure it out easier without anxiety!

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