Abnormal cells?

I have started using higher levels of my compounded progesterone cream (not Natpro, though I'd like to try it when its back in stock) due to what I've read on this website. I was having lots of problems going through the beginnings of menopause and I've got to say that increasing the amount of progesterone has been a lifesaver to me.

I talked to my nurse practitioner who is providing me with hormone prescriptions and told her what I've read on this site and how I've increased my dosage (she initially had me on 25 mg and then bumped me up to 50mg per day. I'm now taking one pump immediately upon waking, another before I leave for work and another before I go to bed - 150mg). She said that its OK for now but when I get my next PAP smear, we should want to be careful that there are no abnormally shaped cells because high amounts of progesterone could cause this, which could lead to cancer. Just wanted to find out if you have an answer to this, as I did find it concerning. Thank you

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May 02, 2016
Abnormal cells?
by: Wray

Hi there I'm happy to hear that the increased amount of progesterone has helped you. But your nurse is incorrect regarding the abnormal cells, normally called cervical hyperplasia. Unfortunately there are very few papers on the subject. In fact one relatively recent paper, 2013, confirms this "Our results provide the first experimental evidence that supports the hypothesis that progesterone signaling is inhibitory for cervical carcinogenesis in vivo." see…
But there are plenty of studies on endometrial hyperplasia, which is a common occurrence in peri-menopause, which I'll also give you. This paper shows progesterone having an anti-inflammatory effect on the cervix, see……
These papers show the anti proliferative effect of progesterone on the cervix and endometrium, see… here, here, here, and here.
This interesting paper shows the involvement of aromatase in cervical cancers, see……here. It states….. "To our knowledge, this is the first report demonstrating the induction of aromatase expression in cervical carcinomas, and opens the possibility that aromatase inhibitors may be potential therapeutic agents in cervical carcinomas expressing aromatase." Progesterone is an aromatase inhibitor, see here, here, and here.
The following papers are on endometrial hyperplasia, see….here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.
Rather a handful, but I hope by sifting through them you'll be reassured. Incidentally if it did cause cervical hyperplasia followed by cancer, most of the women on this site who use high amounts would have it, including me. Take care Wray

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