Abnormal bleeding, no temperature rise, infertility

by Michelle
(South Carolina)

Since I started my cycle at age 15, I have never been regular. I would typically get my period between 40 and 60 days, but up until I got married, I was getting a period. I married at age 29 and we have been trying to get pregnant for 5 years (I am currently 34).

I have never used any form of birth control.

After I was married, I started spotting 50% of the time. Sometimes the blood is pink, sometimes red, and sometimes it is thick and black and sticky and I feel a burning sensation.

I have never officially been diagnosed with PCOS, but I suspect that I do have it, though the doctors have never seen any abnormalities in blood work or cysts during exams...

I have tried supplements, like wild yam and chaste tree, but that has not helped my cycle.

I have been on a gluten free/dairy free diet for a year, but that also has not helped.

When I am just spotting, my temperature never rises, so I don't think that I am ovulating.

I was on 8 cycles of clomid, and when taking clomid, my periods did return, my temperatures rose, and the doctors did sonograms to see that I was ovulating, though I never did get pregnant. My cycle lengths were 40 - 55 days even with clomid. Once I stopped taking clomid, I had about 3 more cycles in which my temperature rose, followed by my period 12 -14 days later.

While on clomid, the doctor did do blood work after ovulation and said that my progesterone levels were good.

But now it seems like the affects of the clomid wore off and I am back to frequent spotting and I have not had a temperature rise or a period over these last 80 days.

I have considered taking progesterone, but I don't know when to take it since I don't know when to count the first day of my cycle and I am not ovulating that I know of, so I can't go by that either.

Do you have any suggestions?

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Jan 18, 2014
Abnormal bleeding, no temperature rise, infertility
by: Joy

Hi Michelle

Thank goodness you never went of birth control as all drug based contraceptives and HRT have a potential to cause harm - see here.

Your symptoms all point to PCOS. PCOS is caused by oxidative stress which needs to be address, whilst progesterone is essential, it can't do it on it's own it needs potent amino acids which will help with the inflammation. There is a PCO Formula which you can order from the website and is extremely successful. We have some customers ordering it because it helps with their arthritis which is also caused by oxidative stress.

Please read our Infertility and Pregnancy pages. Clomid should only have been given as a last resort, please see here and here.

A lack of vitamin D is also a cause, do you know what your level is as a deficiency reduces to benefits of progesterone. It is connected to every single cell in our bodies including infertility etc, making it vital and is also a potent anti inflammatory.

We will pick up on all the material that I have given you that progesterone needs to be used every single day, use it through any bleeding or spotting until a regular cycle begins, once regular you can use according to your cycle. Please read and understand Estrogen Dominance symptoms as one does experience some of these when using progesterone for the first time - see here.

To recap ....

* use progesterone every day, start with 200mg per day * get your vitamin D level up high * consider taking the PCO Formula.

Hope this helps you.

Jan 29, 2014
additional question
by: Michelle

Thanks for the response, Joy. I bought vitamin D and the PCOS kit and the napro cream. I had a quick question about the dosage. Do I apply it twice a day, 100 mg first, or once a day at 200 mg?
And where should I apply it?


Feb 03, 2014
Additional Question
by: Joy

Hi Michelle

I am so glad that you bought the aminos and nutrients for PCOS, they really are important. Remember that it does take time.

Never use the cream once a day as progesterone levels start to drop after 13 hours. Use it a minimum of twice a day as the aim is to keep the level as stable as possible.

Natpro absorbs well all over the body, even hair follicles absorb it. I use mine as a moisturiser night and day. Inserting in the vagina at night is also a good place to use it as it absorbs extremely well there and is excellent for dryness and inflammation.

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