Abdominal bloating

by Suzanne

Hi Wray, I'm looking for some help. I'm 45 and have been dealing with
Abdominal bloating for over two years! It drives me absolutely crazy!
I do not having bloating any where else on my body. I'm small, active, and eat well.
I've tried all types of diets and digestive aides to help the bloating with no luck.
I've done food allergy testing and had a few allergies but following a diet
That excludes those foods and still no relief. In fact, the only thing that has given
Some relief is progesterone. I've had a lot of diagnostic testing like ct scan and colonoscopy. Nothing was revealed. The bloating is 24/7. I go to bed bloated and wake up bloate.

About a year ago, I started progesterone (Emertia). It does help some. I was only doing
A small dose (20-40) in the beginning. I did get my dr to compound a
Vaginal cream. I got up to about 200 mg and was feeling good but still bloated. When I missed
A period my dr said I was shutting down ovarian function with using progesterone
Every day of my cycle. So I tried cycling it. Still bloated and it feeling physically
As great. Recently, I found your web page and working with a different dr.
He is open to me trying higher doses of progesterone but wants me to go slow.
Well I repect that but heck it's been two years of bloating I can't take
It any more. So last week I took it upon myself to raise my dose. I'm using
Betwee 460-500 mg daily. Some of that I rub on my skin, some oral drops, but most
Is vaginally. I think vaginal works good for me. I feel good for the most part. I am running
A few days a week. I also have improvement with bowel movements when I'm on progesterone.
I've also seen improvement with the bloating but it's NOT 100% gone. I need it to be gone forever!

So I don't know if I a oils go higher, which will be hard to do without my dr fully on board.

Or do I wait out my current dose and expect to see continued improvement
If I use it everyday without breaks? Or is there something else missing?
I read some where that increasing protein and vitamin A can cause less of a need
For high doses of progesterone. Or perhaps it's sluggish adrenals or some other defiencey? When this all started I was trying to treat a thyroid issue. Progesterone has been the only thing I've tried that has
Given some relief, not enough though, but I do love progesterone. I need reassurance that I'm doing the right right thing, or I need new suggestions on what could be causing the trouble.The other
Sysmptom I noticed shortly after the bloating started is a lot of facial hair.

A little "hormonal" back ground: I started my period very young. I was around
10 years old. I had terrible cramps that landed me in bed the whole first day
In severe pain. The first year, I sometimes threw up and had diarrhea on day one.
It got better as I got older but had cramps until after I had my kids in my 30's.
I got pregnant easily but did have a few very early miscarriages. The three babies
I did have were great prenancies and healthy babie. I started having "hormonal"
Issues, that also looked like thyroid issues when I would wean my kids
From nursing. And nursing never kept me periods from starting. I think I got my
First period five months after having my first baby. I nursed him for a year. I think I got my
Periods even earlier than that with my subsequent babies. Sorry this
Is so long. Just wanted to give a lot of info so you could help better. Thanks
So much for your time!!

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Nov 15, 2013
Abdominal bloating
by: Suzanne

Hi it's me again. I wanted to update since my previous post. I know everyone is busy, but if you get a chance, would love to hear comments.

So I'm still taking the higher dose of Progesterone, 475-530 mg. After a few days, it did make an impact on the bloating. The bloat is not 100% gone but major improvement! Well, a few days into this I had a different pharmacy compound some cream. I was using about 120-140 of this new cream and making up the difference in my original compounded cream, which I believe has a different and more effective base. Anyway, after a few days of new cream I didn't feel as great. So I switched back to all the cream that I know was working. Next day felt good for half day then crashed and then about two days later bloating is back. Drives me nuts!! Completely depressing. How can I cure this bloat? I plan on staying on the higher dose of progesterone. Hoping in a few more days bloat will get better again. I'm also due, overdue actually, for my period. I was thinking this was the reason for the increased bloating, that my period was going to start but it hasn't and I'm at day 36 now. My periods are usually 26-28 day cycle. I'm wondering if I should drop rogesterone for a day or two to bring on a period? I'd rather just use progesterone everyday because it does make a big difference in how I feel. Also should I try going higher to battle the bloat? I'm pretty high now and a little worried about going too high. Thanks!

Nov 18, 2013
Abdominal bloating
by: Wray

Hi Suzanne Excess oestrogen can cause bloating, and you are now in Peri-menopause when it increases in ratio to progesterone. Cycles do become erratic too, so this could be a reason for your period being late. I can’t speak for the progesterone cream you’re using, but it is a question of trial and error and waiting it out. The formula of a cream does have a significance on the absorption of progesterone, see the results of our Saliva Tests. With severe symptoms high amounts are needed, low merely exacerbates the problem.
A lack of Vitamin D reduces the benefits of progesterone, not vitamin A. Please have a test done. Although you’ve been tested for food allergies, I suggest you try a gluten free diet, or better still, eat no grains, legumes, dairy, no sweet starchy fruits, veggies or drinks containing the sugars.
We do have a page on Hair Loss which also explains the facial hair. Take care Wray

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