A True Miracle

by Kandi
(Ethiopia )

I am a 26 year old woman. I have been married for 3 years. Until right before my wedding I was on birth control. I started bc pills at age 16 and took it until I was 22. At 23 I switched to the nuvaring, which ended up being a huge regret. Within 2 months my sex drive went from high to non existent. I had absolutely no vaginal lubrication. I was in college at the time and I saw the campus doctors. The campus doctors told me it was probably psychological but I was 100% sure it was a physical problem. I was refered to a womens clinic and had blood test but everything was normal. I was given testosterone cream which didn't help at all. 2 months before my wedding I got off nuvaring and lost some weight. On my wedding day I had a miscarriage. I didn't even know I was pregnant. My whole body was malfunctioning.
My non existent libido and desert vagina continued for the next 3 years. Things just got worse over time. I gained about 30 pounds although I live a healthy lifestyle. I even went to a dietician and no explanation was given. I was put on thyroid medicine "just in case" and given diet pills. I took both for a month but nothing changed. Eventually my husband assumed I wasn't attracted to him. As you can imagine this caused problems. Fortunately we stuck together and tried everything we could. Sex toys,porn,lube,viagra for women. Eventually I gave up and figured God cursed me.
Soon it will be my 27th birthday. I was hoping to be a mother by now, but I had infertility issues ever since I got off birth control. But after googling like a crazy person I found this website and my life changed. I had all the symptoms and progesterone was the one thing I never got tested for or tried. I bought progesterone the same day I found this info. Within 3 days I had vaginal lubrication. It was a miracle! Within 5 days I felt like my vagina never had a problem. I still have no sex drive but at least my body now reacts when my husband touches it. Hopefully within a month my libido will start to return. After 3 years of suffering I finally feel better. I felt like a horrible wife because I wasn't interested in sex and couldn't even get wet if I wanted. Its amazing how all the doctors didn't realize my progesterone was low. I really think its because of my age. Doctors think young people don't have hormone problems. I want to thank the creator of this website. I hope it helps many others in my situation.

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Apr 18, 2016
A True Miracle
by: Wray

Hi Kandi Bless you for your thanks, I'm so happy the site was able to help you. I loved your phrase 'desert vagina'! I'm sure many, many women would agree with the description. Luckily I've never experienced it, even though I'm now 68, it's because I've used our cream Natpro in my vagina every night for well over 5 years now. I wish you could try our cream too, but at the moment we are out of stock, maybe when it's back in you could. But you might like to read our pages on 'How to Use Progesterone' and our 'Pregnancy' pages……
How to Use Progesterone
faq conception
progesterone and conception

Take care Wray

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