A miracle for myself and my family

by Marcia
(Portland, Oregon)

About nine month ago I experienced a rather sudden and severe adrenal crash due to numerous high stress experiences in my personal life, including a work related situation that sent my adrenals into massive overdrive. As a Human Resources Manager I had been through stressful situations before but nothing like this one. In addition to this, for the past couple of years I have been peri-menopausal (52 years of age). So, suddenly I was experiencing heart palpitations, severe muscle weakness, hypoglycemia, severe fatigue AND insomnia, and joint pain. Though previously being a very active person I was suddenly barely able to get up off a chair. I had several appointments with my GP who offered me antidepressants and anxiolytics, which I declined. Instead I went to the naturopath that I had recently found for my non-verbal, autistic grandson. Among a few other things, she prescribed bio-identical progesterone. To give myself some space and time to heal I went out on a leave of absence at work and started the progesterone therapy. Within four days or so ALL the symptoms were GONE. I couldn't believe it. My weakness was gone, I was sleeping better than I had in years, my joint pain was gone. I felt back to my normal self again.
Now here's the really interesting part. I had another appointment with the naturopath for my grandson and I asked her about whether progesterone might be useful in helping my grandson with his autistic meltdowns. She explained that progesterone has been shown to be extremely safe for use by any human being, man, woman or child, and is very effective for anxiety and mood stability. So I started using it periodically on my grandson for mood stabilization. Shortly thereafter, my elderly mother ended up in the hospital with a life threatening flu. She was terribly weak and in tremendous pain (having rheumatoid arthritis) and was not receiving adequate pain management from the hospital staff (big surprise there). So I went and bought her a tube of progesterone cream from a natural foods store. She used it for a few days and was surprised by how much better she felt and how much less pain she felt in her joints. She now uses it faithfully everyday. And lastly, my youngest son, who is also autistic, and who has suffered from severe anxiety and depression for years, was going through a particular rough spot and struggling with some very dark thoughts and was not sleeping well at all. I gave him some progesterone to use and told him it might help with his sleep. But I didn't tell him what it was for fear that he would balk at the idea of taking a "female hormone". About a week and a half later he called me and asked, "What was that stuff you gave me to help me sleep? Because whatever it is it's really helping me feel a lot better". He was referring to his general state of mind. He now is bright and lively and in a very much improved state. Only today I stopped at his house and he was giggly and happy and playful, which he NEVER used to be. His former mood was dark, desperate and down. He had been so unhappy that I constantly worried about whether he would do something terrible, either to himself or another, out of the darkness of his mind. I now feel very hopeful that he is experiencing much more balance in his moods and the huge swings are no longer happening. He can now see the relation between his mood and his hormonal state. I am now going to go back to the naturopath and ask about using it more frequently for my grandson for some of his biochemical concerns; systemic inflammation, estrogen exposure, etc., as there is much thought around systemic and brain inflammation in relation to autism.
Over the years I have tried many, many other natural supplements, and have done extensive research on vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc., but I knew next to nothing about progesterone and certainly my GP had never mentioned it so I can only assume she knew little about it as well. Sometimes I can hardly believe that this substance, which has greatly improved the quality of life for myself and several family members isn't more well known and understood. I shutter to think about the countless people who are suffering unnecessarily because they simply do not know that it even exists. Because of this I want to say thank you for your well constructed and highly informative website. What you're doing here will potentially change the lives of many, many people. I will be sending the link to your site to my naturopath as I believe you have published information that will be helpful to her in her understanding of progesterone.
Many thanks.

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Oct 25, 2015
A miracle for myself and my family
by: Wray

Hi Marcia Bless you for your kind words! I too found progesterone transforming, and so wish it was better known and used more. Take care Wray

Oct 29, 2015
by: Kaylana

Hi Marcia!

What a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing it with everyone.

I, too, had amazing results using the cream. Five years ago I was diagnosed with a rare blood and skin cancer and suffered infertility. All gone! My 5 year old son had stuttering problems, had no short term memory and had difficulty learning. All disappeared within weeks of changing our diet and using progesterone cream. I have my life back and my son emerged from a shell as a vibrant, amazing young boy. And my two year old girl brings delight and sunshine everyday!!

Five years ago, I could hardly stand up, hold anything or do simple tasks. Today, I am enjoying an active life and am training to run several races (8km-12km) next summer. I love life again!


(Greeting to Wray. We are still in Latvia!)

Oct 30, 2015
by: Anonymous

Hi Kaylana So good to hear from you again, and that you and the whole family are thriving! Blessings to you! Take care Wray

Oct 30, 2015
by: Marcia

Hi Kaylana,

I loved hearing about your journey, thank you for sharing! It's so affirming and heartening to hear of the success you've had with progesterone as well. And best to you on your upcoming run! Hope it's a blast!


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