A few questions regarding NAC, and endometrial lining and Aygestin

by Shalny

1. I've been taking NAC 1000 mg 2x a day as recommended for heavy periods. I understand that it inhibits MMPs which are responsible for the breakdown of endometrial lining. What I don't understand is if the lining is prevented from fully breaking down, what happens to it? Won't it have to be shed eventually? Won't it keep building each subsequent period?
2. My dr. said that she believed my excessive bleeding was mainly due to my lining being out of phase. What does that mean exactly? I can't seem to find much when I google it.
3. She wanted to put me on Aygestin to control the bleeding and get my lining back in phase. When I asked about bioidentical progesterone she said it wasn't strong enough. It was 10 mg 2x a day by mouth. Everything I read on this site says topical is stronger than oral, so how can the aygestin be stronger?

The reason I'm not asking my dr. these questions is because I went against her orders and bought Natpro instead of filling her prescription. I understand how busy you guys are and how many questions you get, but I'd really appreciate hearing your insight when you get a chance. And I'd love to hear from anyone else that has experience with this. Thanks so much for educating us and giving us a natural option.

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Aug 20, 2015
Similar Question
by: Anonymous

I too have a lining that is too thick. My paps were normal and the year before I had a biopsy of the lining which was also normal. My new doctor wanted to do another biopsy. I did not take his suggestion, but instead stopped the bio identical hormones I was taking and started progesterone therapy as outlined on this site. I presently take about 600 mg daily and have been at it for one year. I too would like to know if I am suppose to see any evidence of this lining shedding or does your body simply absorb it. Haven't found anyone that knows that answer. Anybody??

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