9 miscarriage and I am still trying!

by Jackie Mott
(Estes Park, Colorado)

I am 39 years old. I have 1 daughter who is 16 the only one I have been able to carry to full term. Even with her there were delivery problems - the cord was wraped around her neck.

Every time I get pregnant I miscarry by or before 6 weeks. I was wondering if this is a progesterone issue. And how much of the Natpro should I use to keep the baby. My most recent miscarriage was January 7, 2010.

This is so hard on me I really want another baby. Before this miscarriage I had not been pregnant for 8 years of unprotected sex. I need help please. Let me know if the cream Natpro will help me.

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Jan 29, 2010
9 miscarriage and I am still trying!
by: Wray

Hi Jackie. It sounds very like a lack of progesterone to me. I had 5 miscarriages and looking back know they were all due to stress. Stress drops progesterone levels sharply, hence the miscarriages. Can you think back to your previous ones and recall if you had a stressful event just before? Or it could simply be the follicle left behind after ovulation is not making enough progesterone. I have helped many women with recurrent miscarriages and progesterone. The cream is absorbed well, especially if applied in the vagina from where it travels rapidly to the uterus where it's needed. Alternatively you could use pessaries. We do have a web page you might like to look at here.

If you decide to use progesterone, I would recommend at least 200mg/day, if not more since you've had so many miscarriages. Take care, Wray

Jan 30, 2010
Thank you for your help
by: Jackie Mott

Dear Wray, Thank you for your reply. I do have alot of stress too. I cannot see to find a Dr. willing to help me. Should I use the cream 2 times a day? Can I ask your advice if I need it when I concieve again? I just need someone to help me I am afraid of losing my baby again. Thank you.

Feb 24, 2010
Thank you for your help
by: Wray

Hi Jackie. Sorry for the late reply, so many contributions and emails to answer! Pity about finding a doctor who knows progesterone therapy, they are few and far between. The cream should be used twice a day minimum. For severe symptoms it's best to use it more often, as it keeps the level up. And of course you can ask me for advice, I suggest you use this link if you need my help. Take care, Wray

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