75 yr. old Male with sudden increase of estradiol and breast increase.

by Lloyd
(L.E.H.T., NJ)

My estradiol went from 48 to 462 in a short time. I have a strong reason to believe it was the pregnenolone I started taking. My doctor said it was from using too much testosterone, but I have been taking the same amount for years and my “T” and free “T” are in the mid range.

On your website I read about Estradiol dominance. I stopped the pregnenolone and started using progesterone cream against my doctors wishes. At first I applied on my body and now rectally. My estradiol went down to 34. On my next blood test I hope a doctor will test for testosterone to see what my progesterone level is and my free testosterone.

I also want to know which is better, taking 100 mg progesterone pills or keep using the cream?

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