7 miss carriages

by misha
(san luis obispo )

i have had 7 miss carriages . one pregnancy was twins . my progesterone stop increasing after 7 weeks only one with twins went till 9 weeks but even with progesterone that doc recommended it ended . still looking for treatment .

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May 01, 2024
7 Miscarriages
by: Joy

Hi Misha

I am terribly sorry to read out your Miscarriages.  Many factors affect fertility and therefore relate to Miscarriage
How much progesterone were you taking and for how long? Progesterone is vital for a successful pregnancy. After your first miscarriage, you should have been given progesterone the moment you knew you were pregnant again. Unfortunately it's only after 3 miscarriages that progesterone is thought about. It's the first 3-4 months that are critical as by 16 weeks the danger of an early miscarriage is not as great.  Low progesterone is the cause of a miscarriage. Which is often the result of Stress, this drops progesterone levels. Progesterone helps with stress. 

A Vitamin D3 deficiency can also be a concern see here , here and here. This is essential not only for ovulation, but for a successful pregnancy too. It's also vital for the growth of the foetus, please have a test done if you do not know what your level is.

Usually between 100-200mg progesterone is needed.  Please read the How to use Progesterone Cream page. The Pregnancy page may also help you.

Best wishes.

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