60 and fat

by Ms. C

I have been using Pro-help and not really satisfied with it but have been reading your page several months. I am 60 years old, overweight, take levothyroxine and rocaltrol and calcium. My Cholesterol is high, hair thin in the top, irritated, minimal hot flashes and 0bese. I am complex because I am hypothyroid, hypoparathyroid and menopausal. I feel like a freak sometimes when talking to the doctor but she was all for the using natural progesterone creme. Wants me to do sleep apnea when I have told her a thousand times I wake up in the middle of the nite with sweats. Dont think I need a test to find out if I am not sleeping at nite. I have so many crazy things going on since having my Thyroid removed. Have not had a period since 1995. I was taking the creme with Red Clover and that made me feel crazier. Do you think Progesterone Creme can help me at all?

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Feb 01, 2014
Give it a try.......
by: L-Mark

Hi, I'm in a similar situation in that I am 57, hypothyroid, and overweight. My hair started thinning and my couple of chin hairs have turned into a beard. I had my hormones tested and am high in testosterone. Once I started researching I kept coming to this page until about three weeks ago, I took the plunge. I decided to dose according to breast pain and am currently taking around 500mgs of progesterone cream daily.

I have been playing with different thyroid treatments for the last two years according to the books, stop the thyroid madness and recovering with t3. When I dropped synthroid and went to ndt, ten pounds fell off. When I switched to t3, another ten fell off. So far, after adding progesterone, no more weight has come off .... but my temps are normal and I have decreased thyroid meds so I remain hopeful.

The way look at it is I have two remain sick or try something new. If it doesn't work, I can always quit it....but at least I won't wonder if it might have given me a better quality of life. Wish you well with whatever decision you make!

Jul 14, 2014
Feeling good
by: Mrs. C

Thanks for the response. I have since switched to Armour and feel wonderful. I had stopped the progesterone creme but noticed that I had this horrible fear of heights. Started back on it and I could go rock climing tomorrow. Boy this menopause thing is for the birds. I dont have the hot flash issues but everything else started ganging up on me. But for right now I feel real good.

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