6 weeks pregnant on 200 mg at night

by Mss Makka

Hi just want ask I'm on 200 mg progesterone at nights only .. ( last year I was on it but 200 night and 200 in morning and I had successful pregnancy ). .. I just wanted to ask is 200 mg enough only at night ?? My dr said only need 200mg
Has any only used 200 mg and it was Successful ??
Also wanted to asked is it normal to have cramps once u insert it ?? I get sometimes bad cramps only when I use them though ?? Does anyone else get that ??

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Aug 28, 2015
6 weeks pregnant on 200mg at night
by: Joy

Hi Mss Makka

It is difficult for me to answer as I do not know what progesterone application you are using. You say insert, is that Cyclogest? It is so important that the correct progesterone application is used and we find that a cream is the best delivery method.

Progesterone should never be used less than twice a day as progesterone levels drop after 13 hours.

Hope this helps.

Aug 28, 2015
200 mg
by: Mss makka

Hi I'm using the pessaries that you insert in the Virgia all know it's called oripro I use 200 mg only at night ...
Last year used 200 mg in morning and night so all up 400 mg

I just wanted to know is 200ng enough or would you think need speak to dr to do dose in morning also

And I'm also getting cramps when I use them is that normal


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