5 weeks pregnant

by Mrs. P

I am 5 weeks pregnant and started spotting last week. My doctor has put me on progesterone (Cyclogest), 400mg per day. She prescibed it for 10 days which will take me through to just under 6 weeks.

Is this dose for a long enough period? I am very worried about stopping it. My next appointment will then only be in another 10 days after I stop the progesterone... Please help.


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Apr 12, 2011
5 weeks pregnant
by: Wray

Hi Mrs P I apologise about the late reply, but I have so many queries to answer I can't get through them in the time I would like. It's now taking me 11 days to do so. You have probably stopped the progesterone by now, pity. As it should be used for the first 8 weeks minimum, preferably the first 3 months. This is when the placenta takes over progesterone production from the ovaries, which are slowing down. It should never be stopped suddenly either, but always reduced slowly. A sudden drop can cause a miscarriage. We do have a page on Pregnancy which gives all the info you need on how much and how to use progesterone. If you can't get another script from the doctor, I've found the cream is as effective, but sufficient must be used. Generally between 200-400mg/day, so the amount you are using is very good. Take care Wray

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