5 weeks pregnant with low progesterone levels

I have had IVF using donor eggs. I previously had a fallopian ligation procedure done. I am around 5 weeks pregnant and the gestational sack has been seen.

But my hcg number was 2350 and only increased to 2900 in 48 hours. I am using 200mg progesterone pessaries 4 times a day and my progesterone level is still only 8. My doctor says this is high enough but I don't agree.

Can you suggest anything for me to do? Should I increase the medication without consulting my doctor?

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Feb 20, 2017
5 weeks pregnant with low progesterone levels
by: Joy

If I am understanding you correctly that would mean that you are using 800mg progesterone pessaries. I take it that they are Cyclogest, they are very good. Your progesterone level is a little low for 5 weeks, please read the Hormone Testing page.

The following gives you some idea of the rise in progesterone during pregnancy.

Pregnancy (serum)
1st trimester 11.2 - 90.0 ng/ml or 35.6 - 286.2 nmol/L
2nd trimester 25.6 - 89.4 ng/ml or 81.4 - 284.29 nmol/L
3rd trimester 48.4 - 425 ng/ml or 153.9 - 1351.5 nmol/L

Progesterone levels increase as pregnancy progresses, without it no woman would carry a child to term. I can't say if the amount you are using is enough, it really is best to discuss this with your doctor and show him the Hormone Testing page.

What is your Vitamin D3 level by the way? A deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone and it could be the reason why your level is not increasing.

Please read the following pages and all the references as they may help you.

Estrogen Dominance
Hormone Testing
Vitamin D3

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