41 and in menopause and hair loss

by CJ

I am 41 years old and have not had a period in 6 months. My main concerns are early menopause and hair loss. I have a history of PCOS and hypothyroidism. My most recent FSH level was 118. Currently, I am taking D3 K2 vitamin, Cytomel (thyroid medication), oral and topical progesterone, 1.5 mg of estradiol, testosterone cream when needed, topical minoxidil, a multivitamin, and collagen powder. However, I am unsure if I am missing any micronutrients.

Previously, I was using bio-identical testosterone pellets and estradiol. However, the estradiol was discontinued, then my hair started falling out at the crown. It has been a two-year-long journey, and thankfully, my hair has started growing back, but it is not the same as before. Do you have any suggestions?

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May 15, 2023
41 and in menopause and hair loss
by: Joy


You are still in Peri-Menopause which usually starts at around 35 when progesterone levels drop sharply and estrogen remains the same causing an imbalance. A missed period for 12 months puts you in Menopause . What units was your FSH measured? It should be 3.5 to 30.0 IU/. Please read the Hormone Testing page.

What about magnesium? This is very important when taking Vitamin D3 as is K2. One directs calcium to the areas where it's needed, the other keeps it where it should be. You might like to view the video by Dr David Brownstein on the thyroid, see here. Personally I find collagen powder overrated, I take gelatine, it works for me.

The pellets would have caused Hair Loss amongst other things. I don't believe that any woman needs to take extra testosterone or estrogen as explained on this website. see here . Please read the Low Libido page if that is the reason why you were put on testosterone. Excess estrogen causes Estrogen Dominance symptoms. Please consider using a good organic natural progesterone cream such as Natpro, see here. It will help you if used correctly.

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