39 Year Old, Childless, Estrogen Dominant Fights Back w/ Progesterone Cream

by Sarabi
(Moss Point, MS USA)

It would take forever & a day to write about what has happened with me. So, i'll just start with in 2009, I had 27 fibroids removed. Since that time, my health has generally improved, and I have felt better. But what distrubed me was how I just didn't seem to be able to get my weight down. I always had this puffy look & absolutely no interest in sex.

Well, being that I don't have children, and would like to eventually, I searced for ways to make sure my fibroids didn't come back. I've been lucky, but what bothered me was the no sex drive & this puffy look! I tried everything! Diets, detox, I even trained & completed in a triathlon. I loved the energy I had, but still - no weight loss, and a distended abdomen, puffy face, and even started having memory loss & pretty severe brain fog, & a bit of depression.

A sorority sister of mine told me about systemic enzymes, Dim Pro, and a product called Bios Life Slim that helps to taper insulin spikes. I did my research & found that insulin resistance & estrogen dominance have some ties. So, I combined using all the products with progesterone cream - ProgesterAll by Dr. John Lee. After 4 days, my sex drive is through the roof! I feel more optimistic, and the puffiness in my abdomen has really started to decrease in size! Most of it, I think is due to the progesterone cream, as my breasts are really sensitive, and sexually I feel awake inside!

For the first time in 5 years, I feel like my body NEEDS sex - as if it's a requirement...not just an option. I feel a renewed energy, and I have even begun to think a bit more clearly, and remember details that I could've never remembered w/o checking my email in the past!

I just can't believe that this cream has worked this fast. I cannot wait to get into the gym next week, and see how all of this is going to integrate with my workouts. I also am very excited about what this is going to be like after a full week or month of use!

Has anybody else had this experience? Please share!

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Oct 30, 2012
39 Year Old, Childless, Estrogen Dominant Fights Back w/ Progesterone Cream
by: Wray

Hi Sarabi Well I haven't found anyone who's responded as quickly as you have, and on such a low amount too. That's if you're following their recommendations of 20mg/day or twice a day. I live and learn! So many women using this amount get severe Oestrogen Dominance. The Breast Tenderness is caused by progesterone stimulating oestrogen, one of the many oestrogen dominance signs. Usually caused by water retention, which oestrogen is responsible for. But it's also an inflammatory hormone, so this plays a role too. If you rub the cream directly on your breasts it should ease. I normally recommend 100-200mg/day, or more if symptoms are already severe. There's more info on our page How to use progesterone cream. You are quite right about Insulin Resistance and oestrogen, it can cause it. So too can testosterone. Plus a lack of vitamin D can cause it too. Low vitamin D levels also reduce the benefits of progesterone, and cause weight gain. I have just completed a page on libido, unfortunately not on the site yet. But progesterone does have a big role to play in increasing it. In fact we have many men using it to increase theirs! If you're interested in having children, please take a look at our page on Pregnancy, and this one here too. Take care Wray

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