38, Estro-Dominate, Peri Symptoms, Endometriosis, Just waking up to the madness of Dr's

by Kim J.
(Kansas, United States)

I am a 38yr old mother of two. C on first (Dr. was impatient and late for a golf date)... Determined to not be cheated on second child and did VBAC.

After my second child I have had a grape fruit sized cyst on right ovary. Wanted to prescribe Birth Control as therapy and I refused.

For the last 15years I have progressively gotten worse with classic symptoms herein the site and elsewhere (after being tired of "your fine" and "its mental" my husband started researching) of Estro-Dominence.

My mother did not enter menopause until late fifties. I have had heavy menses, large clots and painful cramps in conjunction with a decade of unbelievable and relentless pain in my right side.

NO ONE EVER looked any further than diagnostics (intra-vaginal ultra sounds, x-rays and digital w/paps)... No one EVER looked at my hormones, thyroid or metabolism.. Just "too young" and "your normal"....

Side note: My husband of (this year 22 years) had for about the same duration dealt with same issue but on T side of the isle. No one cared to test or go further than a TSH and HH or CBC.

After a LOT of endless reading and learning he started diagnosing himself and eventually got to an endo that still was clueless. After much and independent pursuits of labs, etc. He had low T.. Still in process and being resolved.

So, during his researching he found correlations of my symptoms and estro-dominance and ordered me Progensa. I used for 3-4 weeks and the first time in over a decade my side STOPPED HURTING!!!!

However, he had not come across your site yet... So, I am using 20mg TID and I felt soooooo much better but I still lacked sleep just as he did. Set bedtime at 8pm as a routine and every day will wake at 1, 2, 3am... about every hour, unrested, etc. My hair over the last ten years will just come out, I have vaginal dryness, etc...

Here we are today. I found finally an Integrated Medical D.O. that is not a AMA junkie.. But a member of ACAM (American College for the Advancement of Medicine)... We jumped for JOY and drove a hundred miles (gladly) and just had our blood work done that is from A-Z in panels (instead of begrudgingly complying with partial and nonsensical tests).. Two weeks to wait for those serum tests to come back. Will update when I have them.

My primary (after must resistance to my husbands pushing) pulled Testosterone and E2 among others (I don't have my lab sheet here) but we seen where my E2 is <5...

I felt sick to my stomach the other week (like morning sickness years ago) and stopped Progensa and it went away.. I started again once my side hurt again.. This week I started to feel headache, cramps, etc. and just spotted for 4 days. I think I am going to start today..

I see where I have to do 200mg daily... I ordered from you and desperately waiting to get started and THANK YOU for the dedication to this cause.. Because no one gave a crap about my health or pain.. Except for my dedicated and loving husband!!! Merely learned people are showing how incompetent our medical unprofessionals are!!

I anxiously await your reply and especially your cream!!!!!!!

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Oct 30, 2015
Ovarian cysts
by: Diane

Hi Kim:)
So happy you discovered this website. It is highly informative. My sister has a long history of ovarian cysts, and she is now on 300mg daily of progesterone cream till help prevent the regrowth of them. Please read about estrogen dominance on this website. How is vitamin D level? It is critical that your labs show 80 or higher. Lab range is ridiculous. Also, I highly recommend you read Dr Michael Platt's book, "The Miracle of Bioidentical Hormones". It is so informative! You can order his book on Amazon or his website, He also sells progesterone cream, Just in case this website has a backorder.. But minimumly read his book. I have recommended it to so many women.
Keep us posted.

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