3 months and no improvements yet

by Sabrina


I've been taking Natpro for 3 months now, without stopping(I'm 25 year's)

I had a saliva test done in December 2013: my ratio was Est/Prog 1/48,99 and Est/Test 1/16,39.
I'm taking about 200 mg/day (Natpro).

I'm also taking about 10 000 ius vitamin D3 (also 3 months), since my level was very low when I had a test done.

And I've most likely PCOS and I've insulin resistance, that's what my doctor said

I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong, because I haven't had my period since I started taking Natpro. And I haven't noticed any improvement so far but neither any bad symptoms.
Im just worried because I haven't had my period for so long and nothing changed with my acne, facial hair, depression etc...

Is it normal that nothing has changed yet? Or do I just need more patience, I know it needs time but the fact that nothing changed not even to the bad worries me and still no period

Thanks alot that you've this page and that we can write our problems down

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Sep 24, 2014
3 months and no improvements yet
by: Joy

Hi Sabrina

Your symptoms do suggest that you have PCOS, but a test will confirm this. The PCOS page gives advice on how to use the cream, what causes PCOS and other nutrients to take to reverse it. Although you have been using Natpro for 3 months, we have found that it take a long time and progesterone can't do it on it's own, it needs those anti-inflammatory nutrients to help.

It is also possible that your Vitamin D level is not high enough, it takes a long time to get to the required level, perhaps another test is needed.

I hope this helps you.

Sep 24, 2014
by: Chloe

I just wanted to say hello. I just posted a similar question. Kind of, I wanted to know can we menstruate regardless of high doses? as I didn't think we were supposed to. I don't "think" we should expect or worry about getting a cycle while using the cream for an uninterrupted three months, as that is meant to give our bodies a rest and make the progesterone the dominant hormone. Stopping the progesterone is what signals a menstrual cycle, and hopefully after three months we will have our own rhythm going again. I had a really heavy bleed two weeks into applying the cream, but I rarely menstruated, just had come off the pill, and was very estrogen dominant.

As far as not feeling any better, has anything improved? are you calmer, more positive thoughts, any changes along those lines? from what I read here, "sometimes" those are the 1st improvements and physical ones will follow.

The one thing I really had to get honest about was my diet. I expected far too much from any supplement/progesterone if I wasn't eating correctly for my issue.(pcos) So just be sure your diet is correct, it's vital for progress.

wishing you well

Oct 06, 2014
by: sabrina

Thanks you two  for the answer

I haven't noticed any improvements that's why I was wondering if I'm doing something wrong. 

yeah, Im trying to eat correctly and I've been doing  this for quite a while now

I guess I just need more patience and keep on doing what I'm doing now, maybe things will get better then


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