2nd miscarriage another disappointment yet

by Natasha

2 years ago had a miscarriage at 8 weeks when I went for a check up my doctor told me I had twins but with no fetal heartbeat. It stop growing about a week before...i was devastated coz i tried for a year trying to conceive and when i did, it was shortlifted.. few mths later, i say I'm ready to try to conceive again..trying for another year plus.

I finally conceived again but was shortlifted just the same...i was about a week and a half late, so went to take test kit to check...twice in separate showed faint positive..i had all d pregnancy symptoms n i thought maybe its too early to i say maybe i shld wait for a wk or so n go check with d doctor...before i manage to even to that,i woke up one with blood gushing out..went to check n saw myself bleeding..not heavily but enough for me to tink maybe i was late n nt pregnant..bleeding stopped..then few days went on with stains n spottings...i admit i was really stressed at that point of time..due to work...d day after that,i started to bleed heavily with extremely bad cramps n backache...i couldnt take it so i went to hospital for a check..took a blood test n urine test..same faint positive result n blood result shows my hcg levels r extremely she sent me up for a scan n ultrasound coz she suspect its either miscarriage,early pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy..when d scan came out..she said its possible dat i had a spontaneous miscarriage or ectopic she went to check if d neck of my womb is open n it she said i had a miscarriage..that answers why my hcg levels r really low..n my miscarriage is a complete one coz d scan shows my womb is empty with nothing left to clean out...she said its stil common to have 1-2 miscarriage if later on, when i attend for my follow-up..if i wana cnsider investigation to check about my health n condition,i can inform d doctor but its gona be an expensive procedures..they nv really say what was wrong with me...i dont even knw wat was wrong with me..getting pregnant is already so hard to do,then ending it with a miscarriage is even harder to deal with...i was wondering does taking folic acid n some progesterone things mite help me to prevent miscarriage in future?...if i keep on taking it while preparin myself to conceive, would it really help?...

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Feb 23, 2011
2nd miscarriage another disappointment yet
by: Wray

Hi Natasha I'm sorry about the miscarriages, I had 5 before I had my daughter, so know how you feel. It does appear that your progesterone is low, it's often the case in recurrent miscarriages. As you're having difficulty in conceiving it could be your ovaries are stressed. Please would you look at our page on PCOS. Not that I think you have it, but it gives a list of nutrients which help the ovaries. Progesterone is essential for a successful Pregnancy, please read through this page we have. It gives info on how to use progesterone for conception and pregnancy. Please would you also have a vitamin D test done. A lack of this vital nutrient stops ovulation, which in turn makes conceiving difficult. For more info on tests etc please see the Vitamin D council and GrassrootsHealth websites. Take care Wray

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