27 and currently experiencing my 4th miscarriage

by Sarah

I am currently experiencing my fourth early miscarriage in two years. All pregnancies stopped developing around 4 weeks. The only thing that has some up in testing is a mild anti-phospholipid syndrome, but my specialist says this should not affect a pregnancy until after 8-10 weeks and mine have never progressed that far.

I fall pregnant very easily, but cannot keep them. I have regular periods but they are heavy and clotted. I also get bad fluid retention, have permanent dark circles under my eyes and tend to be quite moody. Previously I have been told that my progesterone levels were fine. Do you think it could be worth testing again?

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Jan 23, 2011
27 and currently experiencing my 4th miscarriage
by: Wray

Hi Sarah APS is implicated in miscarriages, see here. It seems a lack of vitamin D could be a causative factor too, see here. I don't agree with their <15ng/ml as the cut off point for a deficiency, new research suggests 30ng/ml, with a normal level being 50 to 100ng/ml. For more info on vitamin D see the Vitamin D council website. Please consider having a vitamin D test done, as levels are low in Australia, see here, due to the anti-sun campaign. Elevated levels of NK cells and TNF-alpha are found in APS, although the reason seems to elude researchers. It could well be a lack of progesterone as this suppresses TNF-a and the inflammatory cytokines, plus it increases the anti-inflammatory cytokines, see here, here and here. We're often told progesterone levels are fine, but the ratio of progesterone to oestrogen is never taken into account. So if you have a test done, please look at the ratios. From Saliva Tests we run regularly, we've found a ratio of 600:1 and over is needed. A lack of progesterone is implicated in miscarriages too. We do have a page on Pregnancy, please take a look at it. Before you consider using it please see our page on Oestrogen Dominance. This can occur and is disconcerting if it does. Take care Wray

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