26 and 7 miscarriages

by Jennifer
(Elkhart, IN)

Okay, long story...

I started my period at a very young age, I was 10, it was regular until I was 13 and then I was put on birth control because I didn't stop bleeding for a month (they did all the internal ultrasounds, etc... which are not fun @ 13 when nothing has ever been up there). At the age of 16 I went on the depo shot, I got off the depo after I gained 60 pounds in a year from it. I took myself off completely from birth control for a year and became pregnant and lost that pregnancy. I went to a pretty good obgyn who told me I am not even supposed to be on any form of birth control - I have severe migraines w/ auras and that puts me at an increased risk of stroke, etc. So 4 more miscarriages went from the age of 18-22, it made me sad but I didn't seek out a crazy amount of medical advice because I really didn't want a child then.

I got married at 23 and a few months after I became pregnant. Lost that one at 9-1/2 weeks. I went to a specialist that time, he ran a HUGE panel of tests (the genetic testing etc...) and told me that when I got pregnant I would need to immediately be put on Heparin and Baby Aspirin. I got pregnant again about 2 months ago and lost that one at 4-1/2-5 weeks, I immediately started taking the Heparin and baby aspirin-it didn't work :(

Here's the issue. I have a period maybe 3 times, 4 if I'm lucky, a year. I have the excessive facial hair growth, all the weight I have sits on my hips/ab area, etc. Is it a progesterone deficiency? My aunt had several miscarriages and always told me Progesterone was her savior and was what allowed her to have two sons. I went into the local Herbal store and the lady there told me it was Progesterone that I needed and I bought some cream.

I've been reading this site continuously for like a week through all the FAQs and I'm still confused about when I'm supposed to start taking it if I have absolutely no idea when I ovulate! And then if I'm on the cream if I'm supposed to stop won't I just miscarry again?

Okay, sorry for being so long winded, just wanted to fully explain my story and ask my questions. Thanks :)

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Sep 16, 2010
26 and 7 miscarriages
by: Wray

Hi Jennifer I would agree with your obgyn about being on birth control, but then I don't think any woman should take them. The only safe one is the copper T IUD which leaks no drug into the system. The various contraceptives have upset your ovaries badly, although it could be you have PCOS. I see this doesn't seem to have been checked for, in spite of the tests. For more info please read our page on PCOS. Whether you have it or not, your ovaries need help and it gives advice on supps to take and foods to eat, also when to use progesterone. I can't agree about the heparin and aspirin, why does your blood need thinning? How about progesterone, the most vital hormone for pregnancy? This stops platelets aggregating so preventing clots, in fact it reduces thrombin by 10-15%. The commonest cause of miscarriages is also the most simple, a lack of progesterone. Heparin does occur in naturally in our cells, it's a glycosaminoglycan, and there is some evidence it has immune boosting properties, but so does progesterone. One of it's principal roles in pregnancy is to prevent the rejection of the foetus and to protect it against attack by the mothers immune system. Incidentally you needed progesterone at 13 to stop the bleeding, it's very affective for this. You were evidently making too much oestrogen, this built up your lining excessively. We do have a page on using progesterone for conception etc, please have a look at it here..... Pregnancy. It explains how to use the cream before and during pregnancy. It gives details on how to tell if ovulation has occurred and more. Take care Wray

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