24/7 feeling of disturbing anxiety in my stomach area...not my head during menopause

by Marian
(New Zealand)

I am taking high dosage of bio identical estrogens/estradiol and progesterone.
I have a feeling of severe anxiety in my stomach area 24/7 which is debilitating.
As a result of the high estradiol I have bleeding most days. I have been assured by a gyno that all it is a hormone problem. My progesterone intake has been increased however my systems continue.
My options seem very limited, a hysterectomy will stop bleeding but not symptoms.
I have no anxiety in my head just a feeling in my stomach which I can't get past. I have no other menopause symptoms that I am aware of. Wondering if anyone else suffers from my problem and/or has found a solution. Thank you. Marian

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Jul 18, 2016
follow along
by: Letitia

I would talk with the doctor about slowly reducing the estrogen as I think that would help with the anxiety

Jul 18, 2016
24/7 feelings of anxiety
by: Anonymous

Hi! in my opinion and as Wray suggested many times on this website you do NOT need estrogens but more of progesterone. If you stop the estrogens and increase the progesterone cream to 400 mg or so/day it will stop the bleeding and anxiety as well. Taking a vitamin D supplement would also be beneficial. From there read the page on how to use the cream for a menopausal woman and other advices she gives.

Jul 19, 2016
Thank you
by: Marian

Thank you Letitia and Annonoymous for your thoughts on my situation re anxiety. I am taking 650mg progesterone! I will consider reducing my estrogen intake however the reason I originally increased my dosage as I found it helped...not so sure now. M

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