2 months since my last period

by Kim

After a saliva test, I was told to use a Progesterone cream rubbed into the wrists every evening. One day a week and the 5 days during my period, I was not to use the progesterone to "give my body a rest". Also, the saliva test revealed a need for an Adrenal support supplement, 10mg DHEA, and vit.D.

Lo and Behold! This stuff worked!

After about a month and a half I was back to "normal" and my kid and husband could lead happy lives again. My question now is...I haven't had a period in two months and guess I'm into the next stage of Perimenopause. WHEN DO I TAKE MY PROGESTERONE? DO I STILL DO "REST" DAYS? Don't want to blow it. Life is GOOD.

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