2 miscarriages, scared to conceive again

by Hope
(CA, USA )

I'm a relatively healthy 28 year old and I have just suffered my 2nd misscariage in 6 months. My first was 6 months ago, my first pregnancy, I was 11 weeks pregnant after some minor spotting I went to the er to discover my baby had stopped developing at 9.5 weeks.

I conceived again in June, heard our baby's heart beat at 7 weeks 3 days, I went to the doctor's 3 weeks later, insisting on an ultrasound as my pregnancy hormones had begun to subside the previous week. We once again discovered no heart beat, our baby had stopped developing around the same 9 week mark.

My periods have always been regular, I have not taken birth control for about 7 years and there was no testing of the fetus after each miscarriage. Our doctor has simply explained 'it happens'. I'm not comfortable conceiving again until we have some reassurance, I have read a little that would suggest I am low in progesterone although my doctors will not test until I am pregnant again.

Is there any precautionary methods I can take? My only other thoughts are that I could maybe have a blood clotting disorder. Reading up on low progesterone, I do lose quite a lot of hair, terrible pmt and occasional depression. I was vegetarian up until 2 years ago but now eat meat, my blood is rh negative. Please help!!

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Oct 09, 2010
2 miscarriages, scared to conceive again
by: Wray

Hi Hope It does sound as if progesterone levels dropped while pregnant. Unfortunately it's not until a woman has had 3 miscarriages that any tests are done. We do have a page on Pregnancy. Please read through it as it explains what occurs and why miscarriages happen. It also sounds as if you have low progesterone when not pregnant, your symptoms fit. Please see our page on How to use progesterone. If you should consider using it please start well before you fall pregnant again. Often women are given it only when 6 weeks pregnant, and then suffer oestrogen dominance symptoms. Not something you want to go through while pregnant! For more info please see our page on Oestrogen Dominance. I'm pleased you're eating meat again, as one of the most important nutrients for a developing foetus is taurine, this is not found in veggies, only animal protein, fish having the highest level. Please see here, here and here. In fact you could still be short of it, it's a wonderfully calming amino. You could try taking some, about 2000mg/day or more, it's safe to go up to 5000mg/day. if you occasionally have depression please see our page on Natural Antidepressants. Another vital nutrient for the foetus is vitamin D, please see The Vitamin D Council website. Please have a test done, as depression is one of the symptoms of a low level. And consider taking omega 3 fish oil, not cod liver oil, see here. Take care Wray

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