2 early miscarriages in 4 months.

by Jo

I'm 34 and healthy. I have long cycles and ovulate anywhere between day 17-22 with a 14 day LP.

I came off the pill after being on it for the best part of 16 years in Dec 14. In March I ovulated and got pregnant. 2 days after my BFP the line was lighter. I bled at 4w5d. 2 days after the first day of bleeding my HCG was less than 1.

I then got pregnant in July again, with a much stronger test line. But I had the same experience as the last mc, heavy cramping that turned into a severe acute lower back ache. Then the bleed. This time, A&E made me do a pregnancy test and it was negative at 5w.

It seems both pregnancies were gone before they even started. I'm heartbroken and scared. With both pregnancies I cramped to some degree everyday from ovulation right through to the miscarriage.

What's wrong with me?

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Aug 21, 2015
2 early miscarriages in 4 months
by: Joy

Hi Jo

I am so sorry to hear about your Miscarriages, often low progesterone levels cause them. Please read the Pregnancy page, it may help you. You might also consider using progesterone cream as it is vital for balancing the hormones. How to use Progesterone Cream will help you to understand it more.

Do you know what your Vitamin D3 level is as a deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone. It is also vital for you and the unborn child.

I hope this helps.

Jan 14, 2016
Same as you!
by: Les (AUS)

Hi Jo,
I'm really sorry for your loss :(. I've also had two early miscarriages in 4 months. The second I'm going through right now. My first happened October 2015 which devestated us. Doctor put it down to bad luck and said most likely we'll be fine next time around. But I guess we weren't.
I'm off to see a gyno next Wednesday which Ill suggest to check my hormones but I'm worried they may dismiss it..
Just wondering if you've started using progesterone cream and if you've seen a difference?

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