1st month on progesterone, late period, want it to start before traveling

by Sarah
(Currently in ND)

I need advice, but first, a bit of background. I have not confirmed that I have endometreosis, but my obgyn said she is willing to bet that I have it based on all my symptoms. I just haven't been willing to do the laparoscopy yet, because the naturopathic doctor I'm working closely with for all my other health issues has been able to reduce the pain and severity of my periods through his own methods. The level of pain on the first day of my period went from so bad that it put me in the ER, down to excruciating and nearly unbearable, but no longer fainting from extreme pain. I went from 12-16 ibuprofen a day on the first day of my cycle to being able to rely entirely on his herbal tincture to control pain. The amount of flow hasn't changed - I still fill my Diva Cup 5-6 times on the first day (the average person fills it 2-3 times during their entire period, according to the Diva Cup website.) He decided to put me on progesterone cream last month, because I needed even more help (he's been surprised that I haven't experienced even more relief yet.)

The progesterone cream he has me on is is own brand, and it's totally natural, from wild yams. He has me rubbing in one pump a day, every day. Each pump is 20ml (I've seen on your site that you think this is a very low amount.) It's certainly affecting me, though. I've had wild PMS symptoms for the past 3 weeks (when I used to barely have PMS symptoms other than increased acne and pre-menstraul cramping.)

My question is this: In 2 weeks I am flying out-of-state to see my naturopath (I travel to see him - he's worth it.) My period is late by 3 days, and I just learned that progesterone has a tenancy to delay periods during the first month or two. I simply cannot have my period come as I'm traveling - it would be impossible to deal with. Should I keep using the progesterone daily until my period comes, or would it be safe to stop at this point, just to allow my period to come?

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Aug 14, 2014
by: Anonymous

I'm not sure about preventing your period but I'm very concerned that he is recommending FAR too low a dose at 20mg per day. It is no surprise you have major PMS. I use 200mg a day, 10 times what you are, for symptom relief.
Please read about how to use progesterone and estrogen dominance pages on this website.
Good luck.

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