14 year old with PCOS and has started progesterone therapy

by Staci

Hi Wray,
My 14 years old has been diagnosed with PCOS. Most symptoms have improved somewhat with medication with the exception of chronic fatigue. Symptoms currently being treated with medication are: anxiety/depression (Prozac), elevated androgens facial and body hair (Spironolactone), Acne (antibiotics) - also taking Vit D 5000IU, Zince, and B6.

The doctors had her on birth control pills for about a month to force her to have a period but they made her feel terrible. I read your website cover to cover and would really like to get her off ALL these pills. I did take her off the birth control pills and began the progesterone therapy a week ago. We are applying 200mg of the Natpro in the morning and 200mg at night. We started at 100mg 2x/day but she experienced an increase in sadness so we increased it. Now we are experiencing a lot of sleepiness. Should we simply continue with the Natpro cream or alter the dosage (up or down)?

Kind Regards

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Jun 21, 2018
14 year old with PCOS and has started progesterone therapy
by: Joy

Hi Staci

I am pleased that you took your daughter off birth control as all drug based Contraceptives have a potential to cause harm. Acne, facial and body hair are typical signs of PCOS.

Before weaning off any drugs I suggest that Natpro is used for a few months. Progesterone therapy can make one feel sleepy when first using it. It does take time for things to settle down, between 2-6 months usually brings results. I suggest that she gives it more time to see if the sleepiness clears, if not, then reduce down to 300mg. She will have to experiment to see what works for her.

Please be aware of Estrogen Dominance, she may experience a few of those symptoms which will clear as her body adjusts. Please read the How to use Progesterone Cream page.

Vitamin D3 is also a vital component as a deficiency in it reduces the benefits of progesterone. When taking vitamin D3, co-factors are needed. Magnesium and vitamin K2 with no soy are the important ones to take. Vitamin D3 level should be between 70-100ng/mL.

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