10 years of suffering

by Sara Coop
(Blue Bell , PA, USA)

I am 37 and for about 10 years I had burning and extreme discomfort with caused many issues in my sex life with my husband. I saw tons of specialist. No one could help me. I started to get night sweats and breast pain and got very nervous as my mother had breast cancer which was fed by estrogen. So I started to search the internet and found bio-identical progesterone cream and was desperate so I gave it a try. My night sweats and breast pain were gone in the first month and after 3 months I had no pain during intercourse. It was a miracle! Fast forward a year and my breast pain started to come back. I finally took a saliva test to check my hormones and my Estridiol is 1.4 pg/mL and my Progesterone is 4317 pg/mL. It would seem I was overdosing myself. How should I go about descreasing my progesterone to keep myself in balance? I don't want to go back to the years of suffering. Should I stop taking the progesterone for a while or just decrease it?

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Apr 29, 2015
Breast pain
by: Diane

Hi Sara
May I ask how much P you are using daily? So are you 38 years old? You are at the age where hormone levels are at verying places through out the month. Did they test your P btwn days 19-21? Estrogen should be checked around day 11.
Anyway, what is your P dose daily?

Apr 29, 2015
10 years of suffering
by: RJ

Hello Sara!
Why would you want to stop. Wray has always told others it is not about the ratio so much as about how you feel. If you feel good then stay at that amount. You may be iodine deficient as that causes sore breasts. Try incorporating iodine. Search Wray's site you'll find all sorts of info on it. And it may be, depending on how much progesterone you use, that it's time to increase...not decrease. I take 400-1,000 mg of Natpro a day with no breaks. I am sure if I took my readings my progesterone would be out the roof. But I do not want to go back to where I was three years ago. If I were you I would not decrease I would increase, try the iodine and buy Natpro because bioidentical creams contain lots of toxic things in them and those convert to that nasty estrogen in us...Natpro doesn't have any of those chemicals in it. And you are at the age that peri-menopause is setting in and things like to go crazy within our bodies during that time. Read Wray's site it has tons and tons of vital information for you to get through this stage in your life. God Bless! RJ

Apr 30, 2015
by: Diane

I agree... Try 6.25mg to 12.5mg iodine. My breasts are hardly ever tender except around my period, my hair has completely stopped falling out and my energy is more steady and higher. I use brand called ithroid 12.5mg daily.
Good luck.

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