10 miscarriages and still pray

by Jennifer
(Miami, Florida)

I have had 10 miscarriages and still pray that I will be able to carry a child.

Each one I had very low progestrone levels but yet each one was different. All of these pregnancies was with my husband and the doctors did test me to see if I was compatable with my husband which I didn't understand. But I am divorcing now and maybe if I have AI then maybe it could work or a future partner. I don't know what to do or to go about this. I am not a person with a lot of money but do hope that there is something I can do.

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Apr 26, 2009
10 miscarriages and still pray
by: Wray

Hi Jennifer. It is possible for couples to be incompatible, but it seems to me it's most likely the low progesterone causing the problem. Progesterone is vital for a successful pregnancy and yet you say each miscarriage had very low levels, so I'm really surprised you were not given it.

I would avoid the AI when you next think about conceiving, you obviously have no problems falling pregnant, so this route would be a waste of money. AI is only necessary if normal conception is not possible. I would guess you are low in progesterone generally, so it might be an idea to do the questionnaire (you can access it in the right margin of this page). We have to see if you need progesterone now.

We also have a web page on pregnancy, please have a look at it:

Take care, Wray.

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