1 miscarriage and maybe another missed miscarriage

by Lesley-anne
(Hereford, uk)

I'm wondering if there is anyone that can advise me please feeling a bit blah!
I have 2 children 11 and 10 those pregnancies went smoothly however it took me long to get pregnant as have always had problems with my periods being irregular. A few years ago I had some test and it came back that I had extremely low progesterone which was causing the issues with my periods.
then in August I found out I was pregnant I went straight to my gp as I was concerned about the progesterone levels, I was told not to worry as it must be fine as I managed to get pregnant but I asked would it cause problems with the pregnancy and they assured me no.
around 6 weeks I started to have a miscarriage which I am convinced it was due to my progesterone levels I asked them to check these but they said I would not be able to until I have had 3 miscarriages. I went away and did my own research I am pretty sure I may have pcos as I have alot of the symptoms I'm also obese.
I started taking inositol and choline 800mg twice a day in September after I had the miscarriage along with folic acid and pre natal. I was surprised to have my first period October 16th although this was very light compared to normal and was just for few days. I used ovulation test strips from about day 12 till about day 19 but nothing I took prenancy test at day 28/30 but was negative. I still haven't got my period by Dec so I did another test which came positive saying about 6 weeks.
again I went back to my gp to say I was concerned about my progesterone levels but was told I obviously have no problems conceiving so it isn't an issue I said that I was concerned about them dropped and they said that wouldn't happen I was unsure wether to carry on with the inositol and choline so I dropped it down to half to be on safe side. I should be 12 weeks had a scan on Tuesday as I told the Dr I had some pink occasionally when wiping. at the scan they told me I have had a missed miscarriage as the baby looked to be about 9 weeks but no heartbeat I am feeling angry cos I am pretty sure it's down to the progesterone levels in a future pregnancy if I manage to get pregnant again what would you advise I take to stop this happening again I feel like I'm running out of time as i'm 38. Please help xx

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Jan 09, 2015
1 miscarriage and maybe another missed miscarriage
by: Wray

Hi Lesley-anne Please contact Julienne our distributor in London via her email address She will be able to help you with all your questions. Take care Wray

Jan 21, 2015
we are alot alike
by: Johanna Smith

I too am 38, have a 10 yr old and 11 yr old, am obese, and I have suffered 2 miscarriages. I lost the pregnancies at 13 and 14 weeks and never found out why. Although all my blood tests were normal, when I got pregnant this time my Dr put me on 300mg oral progesterone and a once daily injectable blood thinner heparin. I'm now 24 weeks pregnant. Maybe try this with your next pregnancy..I was put on the heparin and progesterone immediately following my positive pregnancy test. Hope this brings you luck.

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