Thought I was going crazy

by Michelle
(Byers, Colorado)

I am 43 years old and have been having what I consider to be severe symtoms of hormonal imbalance. About two and a half years ago the symtoms began to get worse as I have been to the ER four times and have been through numerous tests.

My heart starts racing without notice, I will get these scary flutters, I will get flush... beet red and hot from the neck up, thoughts of doom, no interest in sex, no energy, always tired, dry skin and my periods have been crazy irregular. I will spot for 2-3 days and skip 4-5 months, however, I still have bad PMS around the same time every month. With all of the tests and biopsies I have been though, my primary care doctor has assured me that my heart is healthy, but my cholesterol is high. Thanks a lot... Now what?

My last visit to the dr.after having another scary ER visit two months ago, I asked him to please check my hormone levels, as I thought I was going CRAZY! When the results came back they scared me to the point of bad anxiety and more sleepless nights. My estradiol was at 486 WHAT? I am 43 years old how can that be?

I had the results forwarded to my gyno, he did a uterine biopsy, cervical biopsy and my yearly pap (which was abnormal). The biopsy results were normal, but with polyps. Four weeks to the day on the third day of my "cycle" I had another blood test done. The estadiol was at 91. My gyno said that my hormone levels where right were they should be for a woman my age WHAT? Knowing that he would try to put me on some synthetic hormones that DON'T work for me, he just told me what I was going through was normal and it would pass. One year ago I got proactive about my form of birth control and had the Essure proceedure done. Since then my symtoms have gotten worse. He tells me that having that done would have no bearing on my hormone levels. I think he is WRONG!

I just started using natural progesterone cream four days ago and now I am bleeding heavier than I ever have and about two weeks earlier that what I have journaled as "NORMAL". I stopped the cream because of the bleeding like the directions said. I guess I dont know for sure if I need to continue with it or not? The few days that I was on the cream my symtoms seemed to be better.

Thank you God for this site. It is nice to know that I'm not alone. Any feed back would be greatly welcomed! I have an appointment with a different gyno, but she can't get me in for six more weeks. Hanging In There.

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Apr 01, 2010
Thought I was going crazy
by: Wray

Hi Michelle. Where do I start, you've had a tough time it seems! But your symptoms are all indicative of peri-menopause. This can start 10 years before menopause, the average age of which is 51. For more info on peri-menopause please see here.

Oestrogen is an excitatory hormone, progesterone is calming, so your heart problems should calm down if you decide to use it. The amino acid taurine is excellent for calming the heart, there's more taurine in the heart than all other aminos combined. So if you find the progesterone is not helping sufficiently, please take 1000mg/day taurine. You can safely go up to 5000mg/day if you find the 1000mg is not enough.

Your estradiol was extremely high, it makes me suspect the test was inaccurate, particularly as it came down again to 91 a month later. Unless you had an ovarian cyst which had gone crazy producing large amounts of oestrogen, but you had biopsies done which showed nothing, although you don't mention the ovaries. Amazing he remarked 'it would pass', yes when you're past menopause, and even then it doesn't calm down for some women! The Essure procedure amounts to the same thing as tubal ligation, both block the fallopian tubes. which can be severe as hormones are disrupted. Please see here for side affects, It is possible to have the Essure procedure reversed, please see here.

The only safe contraceptive is the copper T IUD, this does not disrupt or poison the body, the only side affect is slightly heavier bleeding in some women. A few cannot use them. Avoid the newer version which has a progestin impregnated into it.

When first using progesterone it can upset the cycle and bleeding can be heavier. This usually resolves in two to three cycles, for more info see here. Although I recommend between 100-200mg/day of progesterone, you might need to use the upper end of this range to overcome your symptoms, which you say have become worse.

Thanks for your kind words about the site. Take care, Wray

Apr 20, 2010
Me too!
by: Anonymous

I too think I'm going crazy with similar symptoms, I don't beleive my doctor that I have an anxiety problem. I know that I know there is something wrong inside me not mentally that causes my symptoms. Tomorrow I search for Progesterone!

>>>note from the site webmaster... start with the link in the left navbar titled 'Progesterone Cream'

Apr 22, 2010
Me too!
by: Wray

Please listen to your body, it is trying to tell you something. Anxiety is often caused by a lack of progesterone, for more information please see here. It is also caused by a drop in blood sugar, there is information about this on the page I've given you above. If you do decide to use progesterone, we have a web page explaining how to use it here. Take care, Wray

Apr 29, 2010
Thank You
by: Michelle

Hi Wray, it has been several weeks since I last talked to you. Since then I wanted to share with you some of my news. I used my cream this month and I can't tell you how much better I feel.

I started using about 80mg a day and felt like it wasn't enough some days, so I slightly increased the dosage to about 100-110mg a day and felt great. In your response to my last chat with you, my CA125 blood results came back. Results = 3. Wow that's a really good low number. I was relieved. I also got in to this new Gyno and she was fantastic with me. She took the time to listen to me, did some more blood work to check hormone levels and is going to continue to do so until she can get a "true" result because I'm sure that you know that it is hard to determine when your period is so crazy abnormal.

I told her that I started natural progesterone cream and she encouraged me to continue with it. She told me that I should start with 80mg a day and kind of play around with it to see if more or less makes any difference, so I have. I told her about your site and she knew of it and was so happy that I wasn't using synthetic hormones. I can't thank you enough for your info and words of encouragement.

I have just a little issue and wanted to get your opinion... During my period on the third day of NORMAL bleeding, I started to experience Flutters that were bothersome to me . My Question to you is can I use my cream all month? If not can I use it when symptoms appear while having my period? Thanks Again! I tought I was going crazy :)

Apr 30, 2010
Thank You!
by: Wray

Hi Michelle. Thanks for the feedback, and good news too! I'm so relieved you've found a gyno who understands progesterone, don't loose her! She is quite right too, 'play around with the dose'. I'm glad she used that phrase, I often do and it sounds as if I'm being facetious, but progesterone should never be used as per 'dose' but as per symptoms. If severe use more, if not use less. You ask if you can use it daily, even during your period and the answer is yes. They can be disrupted if you do, so please bear that in mind, but no harm will come of it. I followed this method when first using it, as my symptoms came back with a vengeance when taking a break, something I did not enjoy! In fact if symptoms are severe it's far better to get rid of them first, as it's so easy to regulate the cycle using progesterone once they've gone. The flutters during your period were caused by the drop in progesterone, oestrogen is always higher at this point. Please get some taurine, it really is remarkable at helping any heart problem. I think I mentioned it in my last comment. Thanks once again for your feedback! Take care, Wray

May 14, 2010
Spotting and Bleeding
by: Michelle

Hi Wray, I have been using my cream everyday for about the last two weeks as you said I could because my symtons seem to return during my periods when I stop using the cream during that time. I continue to bleed and wanted to know if this is normal and what if anything should I do?

My uterine biopsy showed only polyps, no signs of cancer. Some days the bleeding is heavy, some days its normal bleeding, and some days it is only spotting. Not sure what to do ? Thanks Wray !

May 18, 2010
Spotting and Bleeding
by: Wray

Hi Michelle. You'll have to increase the amount you're using. Obviously you have a great deal of oestrogen still, this is building the lining of the uterus up, but the progesterone is insufficient to stop the bleeding. Matrix metalloproteinases (MMP?s) are enzymes that break down protein. They play a role in the breakdown of endometrial tissues at the end of the menstrual cycle. If they are over active, as would be the case with an excess of oestrogen in the body, (oestrogen stimulates it?s production), the result is a pathological reaction such as bleeding and inflammation. Progesterone if high enough suppresses the MMP's. It's the drop in progesterone at the end of our cycle which causes the MMP's to start work at breaking down the lining. You said in a previous comment that you were using 80mg/day, please increase this to 200mg/day. I think this should do the trick, then gradually reduce the amount back down again. You might have to do this for a few cycles, but ultimately it will sort itself out. Take care, Wray

Jul 03, 2010
thinning hair - testosterone?
by: DC

I am 53, and 4 years ago I was diagnosed with small fibroids, heavy bleeding (for up to 19 days in a row), anemia and fatigue. My doctor suggested a hysterectomy. Through research of my own, I knew I definitely did not want surgery. I had hormone testing which showed a very low progesterone. The hormone consultant at the compounding pharmacy recommended 100 mg. progesterone twice per day. I felt better immediately! My periods returned to normal, and finally stopped all together about a year ago. I have played around with the dosage, and feel fine with about 40 mg. a day. A few months ago I began having hot flashes at night - I started on a low dose of estrogen cream, which helped. However, I then had extremely dry eyes - like sandpaper in the middle of the night! So they recommended testosterone cream to help with the dry eyes caused by the estrogen. I started a low dose, and it helped with my eyes. However, I have always had very thick hair, and I just recently noticed that it is much thinner. I don't lose my hair, so I'm assuming I'm just not replacing the hair that is normally lost. So I've stopped the testosterone. My question is, should I also lower the progesterone dosage? I use it once a day, every day - around 40mg. It seems that I read that it can store in your fat and build up. Also that it can convert to testosterone, which can cause hair loss. I love the progesterone - I had difficult periods and pms my entire life. I have never felt better since starting the progesterone.

Oct 15, 2010
Using estadiol and progesteron every day
by: Michelle

Hi Wray, It's been a while since we last chatted but I do however enjoy your website on a daily basis. Since I last talked to you my Dr. had some more hormone tests done. My Esrtadiol was 32< meaning that I guess that I'm close to Post-Menopause. I am 43 and think that this is premature for somebody my age, but I guess not unheard of. Since the test results came back my Dr. has put me on the Vivelle dot patch 0.05 I change it every 3 1/2 days and at the same time I am using 120mg of progesterone everyday from a compounding pharmacy. I am having some spotting (brownish) and I now have sore nipples and seem to be putting on some weight. My Hot Flashes I'm happy to report are GONE ! :))

I have had no normal periods since May. I have been on this treatment for two months now. I was reading Suzanne Somers book "Sexy Years" and she states in her book that using this type of treatment everyday instead of taking a break from it is not safe? Is she right? Do you think that I need to change things up or leave it the way it is? I can't stand the weight gain, nor can I stand the sore nipples. I had a mamogram in Feb and it was normal only showing fibro stuff. Am I using too much Progesterone or to much Estradiol? Or is one or the other not enough? Sorry for being so "chatty" but I really do value your opinion. Thanks.

Oct 20, 2010
Using estadiol and progesteron every day
by: Wray

Hi Michelle So pleased the site has been of interest and help. I appreciate your comments and helpful tips for other women! I'm dismayed you've been given oestrogen, your symptoms don't surprise me. Progesterone also stops hot flushes, you weren't using enough. It needs to be 400mg/day for 4-5 days to stop or are dramatically reduce them. These are the ranges for oestrogen.....
Female (premenopausal) 30 - 400 pg/ml
Female (postmenopausal) 0 - 30 pg/ml
Medline Oestradiol
So your level is dropping, but that's good, it's meant to. We are so full of oestrogen mimics now, we could do with less endogenous oestrogen. Please see this page we have on oestrogen here. I think you'll be surprised. And have a look at this excellent site Our Stolen Future. There's much info on the oestrogen mimics. Take care Wray

Sep 17, 2014
crazy at 44
by: Mean and sexless

I am 44 years old and was having symptoms of peri-menopause. Basically getting very angry and irrationally upset with my husband for 1-3 days prior to my period. And a complete lack of libido as well as not being able to "get anywhere" with sex. I went to an ob gyn and he put me on 20mg of medroxyprogesterone. I felt even worse! slightly different reasons would upset me, but it was like I was on edge ALL the time with my husband. I called during the first month and was told to give it more time. After 3 months and recurring thoughts of death and dying just like when I had post partum depression, my doctor increased the dosage to 30 mg. Then my appetite went crazy, and I feel like PMS all the time. Help!!

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