Progesterone helped me a lot

by Christy

I have a natural progesterone cream I've been using off and on, and while I use it, I don't bruise, I sleep well, my period is regular, and I don't retain as much fluids. My PMS symptoms are much, much better.

I use it for 3 weeks at a time and it's the best thing for me.

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Sep 29, 2010
Cream doesn't work for me
by: Eve

Hi Wray, I recently switched from oral and lozenge to cream and lozenge. The first time they compounded 300 mg / gram. I found out a few days in to my PMS time frame this wasnt working as my severe symptoms returned. Pharmacist said its too high a dose to high to put in a gram. He recommended 200 mg / gram along with my lozenge. I recently entered day 14 of my cycle to find out the cream didn't work. I quickly dosed with the lozenge and the symptoms deminished. This is baffling to me. I have read so many times the topical delivery is most recommended. I have switched back to lozenge and the symptoms have gone away. I would love to order Natrpro however my dose is so high to keep me from suicidal thoughts that I would have to bathe in the cream and it would cost more than I can afford per month. I currently take 600 mg day 14-bleed (whenever that decides to arrive). I have toyed around with a higher dose and I actually lost a few pounds. I am just perplexed... any thoughts?

Thanks for all your help and support.

Oct 03, 2010
Cream doesn't work for me
by: Wray

Hi Eve I agree about 300mg/g being too high to put in a gram, even 200mg/g is too high, it would make it impossible to keep in a dissolved state without it precipitating out. We've found 10% is the max before this occurs. Topical delivery is usually the best system, but using such a high amount of progesterone per gram, it's possible there is simply not enough oil to carry the progesterone into the skin. Although the buccal cavity is very absorbent and the progesterone enters the system quickly, some can be swallowed. I'm a bit confused by when you take it, you say "take 600 mg day 14", do you only use it one day a month? And "I recently entered day 14 of my cycle to find out the cream didn't work". Are you using it during the follicular phase too, ie before ovulation? Or only during this phase? It also seems as if your cycle is very erratic, as you say "(whenever that decides to arrive)". Are you in peri-menopause or do you have PCOS? We do have pages on both these, please see Peri-menopause. and PCOS. Please come back to me with answers, I might be able to help further. In the meantime please look at our page on Anxiety. It sounds as if you need more help, besides the progesterone. Take care Wray

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