Progesterone cream causing polyps and fibroids?

by Nicky

I have been using your progesterone cream for nearly 2 years and have found it very good and nearly all my PMS symptoms have gone apart from breast pain.

However, I have recently found out I have a small vaginal polyp and a small uterine fibroid. Could these things be caused by excess use of the progesterone cream if there are still some xeno-oestrogenic substances in my environment? Should I increase my use of the cream to counteract them or should I cut back on it? I have to confess I use the cream all the time on my face even when I am menstruating but go back to using cream on face and body when I have finished my period. Perhaps I am using too much cream for too long during the monthly cycle?

Any advice/comments would be appreciated. Many thanks.

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Feb 06, 2010
Progesterone cream causing polyps and fibroids?
by: Wray

Hi Nicky. Apologies for the late reply, but I can't keep up with the questions! I'm glad the cream has been helping you, apart from the breasts. Please rub the cream directly on them, that usually helps. Progesterone can't stimulate cells to grow, only oestrogen can do that. So the chances are you still have too much, caused no doubt by the xeno-oestrogens! No one can escape them now, you might like to see an
excellent site about them here.

The cream should be used from ovulation, for the next 14 days, it doesn't sound like you are doing this. Although no harm is done using it for longer, it can prevent ovulation if used beforehand. Which means you won't be making any yourself. The idea is to supplement our own supply,
please see here. Using a small amount on your face daily won't upset things unduly! You might like to read this paper.

You might also like to read this page on fibroids. I would suggest increasing the amount you use, but use it only from ovulation. Take care, Wray

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