Progesterone and cancer and hormone receptors

by Regina

Does progesterone block our hormone receptors like estrogen and testosterone? What is the relation between excessive progesterone and cancer? Is it true that progesterone is not easily eliminated from our body?

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Jun 06, 2008
Progesterone and cancer and hormone receptors
by: Wray

Hi Regina. Oestrogen and testosterone don't 'block' receptors, neither does progesterone. Receptors are there so the hormone, neurotransmitters, etc., what ever it is, be it insulin, adrenalin, the steroid hormones mentioned above, serotonin or dopamine, can enter a cell and do the work they were designed to do.

Excessive progesterone (which is difficult to imagine!) and would have a positive impact on fighting cancer. Oestrogen and only oestrogen can stimulate cells to grow, neither testosterone or progesterone has this ability. The body is designed to eliminate progesterone as it does any natural substance. Take care Wray

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