Progesterone and birth control?

by Julie
(Van Wert, Ohio)

During my first pregnancy, I was found to have low progesterone and put on a suppository regiment. My pregnancy went smoothly afterwards and I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Afterwards, I was back on birth control, but still having many issues that I could not control, such as irritability, fatigue, bloating, and sometimes even anger. I stopped the oral contraceptive in attempts to reduce these symptoms. However, I have noticed a dramatic increase of these symptoms after having my second child.

After browsing the internet searching for answers, it seemed my symptoms fit with low progesterone. I made an appointment with my OB/GYN and it was found that this was the case. She gave me the option of trying the low-dose "mini pill" or the progesterone cream. Because my husband and I are unsure about having any more kids, I opted for the birth control. It has only been 4 days on the progesterone-only pill, but my symptoms have not gotten better. I was wondering if it was ok to use the cream as well? How will it affect the birth control's effectiveness? Or do I need to wait this out longer? I hate feeling this way!

Thank you so much for your website! It has truly been very informative and helpful to my situation!

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Feb 19, 2010
Progesterone and birth control?
by: Anonymous

I too tried the progestin (synthetic progesterone) pill for birth control after being on some low dose pill and having blood pressure issues. I could not stand the side effects. It made me feel like I always had PMS, etc. Then not too long after I started taking it I had thoughts of trying to harm my kids, needless to say I threw those pills away. I would urge you to try another form of birth control, condoms, diaphram...

Feb 19, 2010
Stop the pills
by: Aylin

If you use the Natro cream, you need to stop the pills. The progestin is not the same thing as progesterone. Progestin pills (the pills you take it now) are a syntetic progesterone which suppresses the natural progesterone from your body, so, the symptoms cannot be better because they make your natural level of progesterone lower. I use Natpro and I am feeling very good since using it. I used progestin pills before too, but it make me so bad, I had terrible pains and symptoms and my period was stopped for 3 months . In this time, only bad effects from the progestin pills. So stop the pills and trust the cream, believe me, it will work!

Good health and bravo for your babies!

Feb 23, 2010
Progesterone and birth control?
by: Wray

Hi Julie. Thanks for the kind words! I'm pleased you were given progesterone for your pregnancy, a pity they didn't give it to you afterwards too. Especially after your second child, as it's post natal depression you are suffering from. Unfortunately the pill, however small a dose, will only make matters worse. All contraceptives stop ovulation, it's what they are designed to do. But by doing so, your ovaries are not making any progesterone at all. Hence the worsening of symptoms. Please see this web page on the adverse side affects of contraceptives.

The best contraceptive is the copper T, and please don't be persuaded to use the newer versions which have a progestin impregnated into them, it too will make matters worse. If you have to use the pill, progesterone won't affect it's efficacy. The cream should be applied during the progestin part of the pill, which is the last 14 days. You might like to read what Dr Dalton has to say about PND. Take care, Wray

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