Problem with Progesterone???

by Pam N.
(Helena, Mt. )

I am 62 years old and take natural progesterone. It causes me to fall asleep easily, but I have very vivid dreams and noticed an increase in nightmares.

I resorted to taking half the progesterone in the morning which I believe has helped the dreams, but it leaves me drowsy during the daytime.

Any comments about this that you have received on this? Or it it just me?


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May 23, 2014
Nightmares & progesterone
by: Anonymous

I'm so glad I found this entry ! I've been having vivid dream & nightmares as well while on progesterone ! Why is this happening ? I almost hate going to sleep now because I cant stand the dreams they feel very real & are quite disturbing ! I'm thinking about skipping night time dose of progesterone ! VERY WEIRD ! Help ! BETH

Nov 14, 2014
Same here
by: Anonymous

Same here, I fall asleep easily but have very vivid, weird and often disturbing dreams at night. I too have considered stopping taking it. I woke up the other night so freaked out I was afraid to go back to sleep...

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