Problem with Progesterone???

by Pam N.
(Helena, Mt. )

I am 62 years old and take natural progesterone. It causes me to fall asleep easily, but I have very vivid dreams and noticed an increase in nightmares.

I resorted to taking half the progesterone in the morning which I believe has helped the dreams, but it leaves me drowsy during the daytime.

Any comments about this that you have received on this? Or it it just me?


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May 23, 2014
Nightmares & progesterone
by: Anonymous

I'm so glad I found this entry ! I've been having vivid dream & nightmares as well while on progesterone ! Why is this happening ? I almost hate going to sleep now because I cant stand the dreams they feel very real & are quite disturbing ! I'm thinking about skipping night time dose of progesterone ! VERY WEIRD ! Help ! BETH

Nov 14, 2014
Same here
by: Anonymous

Same here, I fall asleep easily but have very vivid, weird and often disturbing dreams at night. I too have considered stopping taking it. I woke up the other night so freaked out I was afraid to go back to sleep...

Dec 28, 2014
groggy or sleepy?
by: Dee

I am 62 and on natural bio-identical progesterone.
I sleep well but I also have very vivid dreams. Most
of them are pretty boring. No nightmares, but some
are stressful situations. I am concerned that all of
this dreaming is interfering with my REM sleep because I always wake up after 7 or 8 hours sleep feeling tired or maybe I am just groggy. I perk up when I have my coffee and I am fine during the day.

Dec 30, 2014
Progesterone & dreams
by: Anonymous

Update to my May post .. I added estrogen to my progesterone regime & no more nightmares & crazy dreaming ! My natural path said its low estrogen that causes insomnia . Thank god no more freaky dreams !!! Progesterone isn't the cure for everything as this website totes . Progesterone killed my libido & estrogen brought it back along with testosterone . Woman was created to pro create ( as in pro gesterone) when we stop ovulating there's a reason why we don't produce as much pro gesterone . Why would we need 100mgs of this hormone daily when all our other hormones have decreased naturally? It seem off balance . Dr Lee stated in his book he couldn't imagine using progesterone for more than a few months at 15mg for menopausal women ? I've stopped reading info on this site it seems swayed ! As for the theory we need the same amount of progesterone as pregnancy that's crazy during pregnancy ALL your hormones are elevated including estriol !

Dec 30, 2014
Progesterone & dreams
by: Anonymous

Add estrogen to balance the progesterone ... I did & my nightmares are NO longer . Not to mention estrogen is a mood booster seretonin booster .

Feb 16, 2018
Dreams on Progesterone
by: Mary Ann

I am 67 and I take bio identical estrogen/testosterone and a progestrone pill at bedtime.

The progesterone has been a gift from God for being able to fall and stay asleep. I was a vivid dreamer as a young person and for most of my life but as I got older I never, ever dreamed any more. It was a loss for me because my dreams are interesting, reflective of what I’m experiencing in life. On progesterone I am back to dreaming and they are vivid and I love it!

I am enjoying my side affects from progesterone.

Note from moderator:
Hello Mary Ann, thank you for your valuable input to the forum page. I have had to modify your post slightly as the content was not relevant to the subject of this forum. Thank you for your understanding, I am so happy that progesterone has brought back such wonders to your life. Warmest wishes.

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