Is Cream form safe?

by Bonnie
(Alberta, Canada)

I tried a sublingual form of progesterone (Progon B) that a naturopath recommended and it worsened my anxiety, which was the reason why I was taking it. I suspect it was because the estrogen receptors were being stimulated but I was afraid to try it again.

It took me several months to feel better. He told me that progesterone cream can build up in the skin to dangerous levels and is hard to monitor the dosage in cream form - is this a concern? I recently had a saliva test by ZRT, which showed that my progesterone levels were low (blood tests previously showed that they were normal) and I would like to try progesterone again but am afraid of the reaction that I had before. Is it better to start low or start right at 100-200 mg? My cycle varies from 28-31 days so how do I determine when to start the cream? Thanks.

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Mar 08, 2011
Is Cream form safe?
by: Wray

Hi Bonnie The sublingual form of progesterone is not the best Delivery system. The Progon B site doesn't give the amount of progesterone in the tablets. So I have no idea how much you were taking, I also suspect that the tablets were in part to blame for the lack of effect. Progesterone is lipophilic, and is best delivered in an oil. All the best delivery systems come in oil, injections, suppositories and creams. Progesterone does saturate the fatty layer in the skin, but this is essential for delivery, see here. I've yet to find one person 'suffering' from a dangerous build up. Progesterone should never be used as a 'dose', but always as and when needed. I have women using it hourly for severe symptoms. Others rub it on when they feel an anxiety or panic attack occurring. Others use if when they feel a headache or migraine starting. If a stressful time occurs progesterone levels drop, so more should be used. Using a low amount as you've found, merely stimulates oestrogen. This in turn can cause severe symptoms, not what you want! I always recommend 100-200mg/day, but as you have anxiety, I would suggest the higher amount. There are plenty of nutrients which help Anxiety too, please read this page. As you have a variable cycle it would be best to use the average, ie 29.5 days. Which means you would ovulate ±day 15 or 16, so start using the cream then. Unless of course you know when you ovulate, in which case start it then. We do have a page on How to use progesterone cream which gives more info. You might find it better to use the cream daily for 2-3 months, it's essential to make progesterone the dominant hormone. Please have a vitamin D test done too, most of us have a low level, but living in Canada yours will be lower than most. See the Vitamin D council and GrassrootsHealth websites for more info. And these papers on vitamin D in Canada here, here, here and here. Take care Wray

Mar 23, 2011
Thanks for your response-I have another question
by: Bonnie

Hi Wray,

I would like to try Natpro. You suggested that I start with the higher dose (200 mg) since I have anxiety. What if I experience estrogen dominance symptoms - should I decrease the amount during that cycle,eg to 100 mg the next day, or keep using 200 mg until the end of the 14 days? How long should I stay at 200 mg - should I try lowering it to 100 mg after my symptoms resolve? I want to average my next few cycles to see how long they are. The last two have been 30 days - based on this, when should I start the cream? I wasn't planning to use the cream every day (as you recommended) because I don't want to prevent ovulation from occurring. What do you think? And does Natpro come with measuring spoons? Sorry for all these questions and thanks again for getting back to me.

Mar 25, 2011
More questions
by: Bonnie

Hi Wray,

My saliva test from ZRT labs showed Estradiol as 2.1 pg/ml (range 1.3-3.3)(day 21 of my cycle for these tests) and Progesterone as 50L pg/ml (range 75-270) and my ratio as 1:24. How much progesterone cream would you recommend me to start with? If I were to use it daily, what would you dosage be for each day? I'm a bit nervous about using it every day, should I just start using it after ovulation instead? How long does the estrogen dominance stage last typically and do most women experience it? If the estrogen dominance stage is really rough for me, do I stay on the same dose or increase or decrease it? Is it possible to apply the cream vaginally - I've heard this is the best route? Thanks again.

Apr 20, 2011
Thanks for your response-I have another question
by: Wray

Hi Bonnie I think I've answered all these queries in my answer to you? If you decrease the amount of progesterone, assuming you get oestrogen dominance symptoms, they will get worse. There's no harm in stopping ovulation for a few months, it's easy enough to get the cycle going again. But if it concerns you, don't follow this route, rather use it following your cycle. If your cycle is 30 days, you should ovulate ± day 16. And no we don't supply measuring spoons, or as some request, put it in a dispenser. Both add to the cost, which we try to keep down. Plus it's impossible for us to give a measure that would suit all. For instance men with few problems use about 10mg/day, and we have some women with severe problems using 600mg/day. Your ratio is very low, we've found from Saliva Tests we run that the progesterone to oestrogen ratio should be 600:1 and over to feel well. It doesn't surprise me you feel anxious. If you use it daily the amount would be the same. There is no typical time for the oestrogen dominance, it depends so much on how much oestrogen is present and how little progesterone is used. The more severe the symptoms, the more is needed. You will have to experiment, and go by your symptoms, but I suggest you try the 200mg/day to start with. You appear to have high anxiety. If you do get oestrogen dominance and you want it to pass quickly, then increase the amount. Please consider taking those nutrients on that page I gave you, they really will help the anxiety. And please have a vitamin D test done, it's such a vital nutrient. Take care Wray

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