How to ensure correct dosage

by Anonymous
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I am having challenges with ensuring I use the same dosage every day.

I would like to take 133 mg and found that it takes a long time to absorb if I spread it over my skin hence I am injecting it in the vagina.

Could someone let me know how they have overcome this challenge and ensure that the same amount is used every day?


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Oct 21, 2011
How to ensure correct dosage
by: Wray

Hi there Progesterone should not be used as a fixed daily amount, ie like a drug. But as and when needed, the amount adjusted to symptoms. Stress drops levels sharply, so more is always needed over a stressful time to prevent symptoms returning. Dark, gloomy days drop levels, so more is needed. Large meals reduce levels, high levels of phytoestrogens in food affect it, a lack of vitamin D reduces it's benefits etc. Progesterone use is dependant solely on symptoms, not on weight, size, height or age. Unless a baby, in which case a pinhead amount is all that's needed to help calm it. I'm not sure what cream you are using, but I've found it's absorbed within seconds on the skin. I also put some in my vagina at night only. I often apply it during the day, always no less than twice a day. I've found kitchen measuring spoon sets are best, they come in teaspoons and ml, although I don't bother to use one myself. Alternatively a syringe, as they have ml measurements printed on the side. We do have a list comparing teaspoons and ml, please scroll to the bottom of our page How to use progesterone cream. You might like to read how Annette use's the cream, she also lives in Canada, she had major symptoms coming off the bcp, see here, here and here. Take care Wray

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