Facial hair and progesterone cream

by Amy
(Pittsburgh. Pa )

I have a question. I am on a daily dose of natural progesterone cream (5ml) and I'm noticing some wonderful benefits. My skin is glowing and my acne is improving. I'm sleeping deeper too.

But I have always suffered from alot of facial hair. I remove the upper lip hair with tweezers but the hair on the sides of my face and even my forehead remains. Will the continued use of progesterone cream cause that hair to fall out? Or will it just stop growing in those areas?

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Mar 10, 2010
Facial hair and progesterone cream
by: Wray

Hi Amy. I'm happy the progesterone is helping you, even more happy to see you're using a good amount too. Often women use too little and the results are disappointing. I've normally found facial hair does eventually drop out with continued use. Male hormones are the culprit behind both acne and facial hair, often the hair on the head falls out too. High insulin results in high androgens, it's essential to keep your insulin levels stable and low. Please see this web page on acne. Also consider taking 100mg/day of zinc for 1-3 months, although a high dose it's safe if used for 1-3 months. A lack of zinc is often the cause of acne. Take care, Wray

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