Cellulite & Progesterone cream

Hello Wray,

Another query I have,(you have kindly helped me so much with others) is to do with cellulite. Since a teenager I have always had trouble with 'saddlebags', it appears to be an actual circular clump of fat, that kind of looks separate to my outer leg, you can trace the specific area with your finger and it always has appeared a little swollen.

Even when I have been fairly thin, these clumps of fat do not reduce that much. I have read that cellulite, deposits of fat is caused by an Oestrogen dominance, which makes sense as I have PCOS with symptoms of struggles with weight, depression, binge eating/cravings, hair thinning etc ever since I can remember.

So my question is: would applying progesterone cream to the actual area help reduce the fat and appearance? Or in general can progesterone cream applied anywhere help burn up deposits of fat? (that are filled with oestrogen from my understanding from research read). I cannot find too much research on it at all. I know it is not a major health issue but it is an issue that has made me self conscious my entire life, so any advice would be greatful.

Thank you.

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May 11, 2012
Cellulite & Progesterone Cream
by: Carol K - SA

Hi. I am been applying 12ml of Progesterone Cream per day - 6ml in the morning and 6ml at night to all the fatty areas on my stomach, thighs and buttocks and CANNOT BELIEVE how amazing the results are. I increased my dosage because I was having severe hot flushes and night sweats and wondered where I was going to apply all this extra cream. Within 2 weeks, I could not believe the reduction in the puffiness in the areas mentioned and I have lost weight. I do not believe that this high dosage can do any harm - only good. I know that it is expensive to use this amount of cream but well worth it. Try it! Regards. Carol.

May 12, 2012
Hello Wray
by: Wray

Hi there Although progesterone travels rapidly round the body, it does seem to work quicker if applied to any problem area, that goes for burns, wounds, headaches, piles etc. Carol has certainly found this. She days she's using 12ml of cream a day, as this is one of my recommended amounts, I think she's using Natpro. In which case it's giving her about 400mg/day progesterone. This is also the amount I suggest for hot flushes which she says she also had. Cellulite is swelling and oedema of the subcutaneous fat layer, as this fat is stimulated by oestrogen, plus it also causes oedema, I can only assume excess oestrogen is the cause. No one seems to acknowledge this fact. But as the following paper says, it is influenced by hormones, so maybe my assumption is correct! See here. PubMed has 10 pages of papers, these are a selection of the newest studies here, here, here, here, here and here. Various treatments have been experimented with, from cosmeceuticals to infra-red, to lasers, it seems everything has been tried! But none of the papers mention hormones or oestrogen, but as cellulite is found predominantly in women, rarely in men, it does make one suspect oestrogen yet again. I do hope your other symptoms have been helped, did I give you the PCOS and Insulin Resistance pages? Cellulite is not regarded as a major health issue, but excess oestrogen is, certainly for those that have it! So if it is oestrogen causing it, which seems probable, anything to reduce it is of benefit. Take care Wray

Jun 24, 2012
Cellulite reduction

Thank you so much Wray & Carol for your response! ( great apologies for my delay)

I did apply progesterone cream for a few days to my thighs and noticed a reduction in 'swelling'. Which supports your personal findings Carol.

I have tried laser therapy in attempts to reduce the 'fat pockets' on my thighs and the fat hardly budged, very stubborn. I saw quicker positive changes of using the progesterone cream for a few days directly to the 'fatty area' compared to 10 sessions of laser treatment.

Unfortunately I had to have a break from progesterone cream, but will now trial this theory once again over a longer period.

I hope you are stil seeing positive results Carol. And Wray thank you as always- for your support and information. I will re-read the PCOS links that you provided.

Jun 26, 2012
Cellulite reduction
by: Wray

Hi there No apologies needed! I feel sometimes I should start every correspondence I have with an apology, it's difficult to keep up. Carol did have such positive things to say, I only hope it can help you too. But it is a great deal she's using, if I remember correctly she was using less which didn't work. And if you do have PCOS you will need to use more than normal, plus as many of the nutrients listed on the page too. It is possible to reverse it. Our Nutrition might be of interest too. Take care Wray

Feb 08, 2014
It didn't work for me
by: Anonymous

I applied 400mg of progesterone a day on the inside and backs of my thighs per my doctor, and no reduction or change in cellulite or fat at all. I was not taking any estrogen either, and my serum and saliva estrogen was way low.

Aug 28, 2014
Opposite effect
by: Anonymous

I was just wondering...I have been applying Progesterone cream with Keto to my inner thighs (I pump1x a day from ovulation to period) and notice my inner thighs have gotten bigger? Which I do not like!?!?

Oct 11, 2014
by: Barre88

When Inuse 7 keto. Cream and or pills... It causes weight gain!

Apr 13, 2015
Cellulite help
by: Anonymous

Since I have been on Estradoil since my full hysterectomy my cellulite is disgusting and an embarrassment. I have been a runner all my life and I lift weights, am a vegetarian and it's still sickening. I heard progesterin cream can reduce the cellulite. Is this true and would it hurt with me being in a low dose of estrogen?

Sep 12, 2016
Cellulite Removal
by: Nancy Grant

Even drinking plenty of water helps.

Sep 15, 2016
Cellulite Removal!!
by: Thelma McClelland

I can suggest you to use massage palper-rouler https://www.cellublue.com/en/how_it_works.php#add-nav to remove cellulite. It is always good to get the health issue cleared without getting operated for it. For this massage palper-rouler serves the best results. It is also better if regular exercises are done.

Nov 11, 2016
by: Ray Treece


Nov 18, 2017
HRT gave me cellulite
by: Anonymous

I have never had cellulite! My thighs were smooth and toned.
I used to show off how when I tighten the muscles of my legs and punch there would be no wobble whatsoever! I had the thighs girls dream of. Then I hit peri-menopause and the hot flushes made me seek treatment. I was put on bio identical HRT.

I ENJOYED the relief it gave me from the hot waves, but after a couple of months I looked one day at my thighs and was aghast at what I saw! I was shocked and horrified.
My thighs were UNRECOGNISIBLE.
I had developed fat pockets around my knees and waves of cellulite all along my inner thighs where I had been applying the estrogene cream!

I was also using progesterone and in higher doses than the doctor had prescribed which was double.
As a result I can never be sure what caused this metamorphosis- was it the estrogene or the progesterone?
Whatever the cause I panicked and stopped all hormones immediately and proceeded to resume my previous diet of high protein and vegg.
Right before my HRT I had experimented with an all vegan diet which had made my thighs flaccid and wobbly and I hated it, but no cellulite! However I believe it set the stage for fat accumulation as my muscle tone had been affected considerably.

In conclusion I want to say that a combination of all of all these circumstances could have played in synergy to change the skin and muscle tone of my legs, in such a short space of time, but it has left me reeling and angry that doctors do not warn of this possible outcome from taking exogenous hormones, regardless of anything else such as diet might do.

In my humble opinion- hormones are to blame with diet playing second fiddle but enough to cause harm!

Prior to going vegan I had enjoyed sweets and treats and had gains in weight and loss but that never gave me cellulite! I would put on weight but my legs remained smooth!! So I thought it's high time someone told us the truth and spoke out that HRT or excess hormones can easily disfigure us with lightning speed as I have found out to my dismay!

Anyways, to all you ladies out there I hope I have managed to shed some light by sharing my experience.

p.s. my thighs are slowly regaining their previous silhouette but I have a feeling it will take a long while before I get them back as they were. :(

Nov 24, 2017
Agree with you on hrt causing cellulite
by: Anonymous

I went through the same thing. I had amazing legs and then started estradiol to lessen menopausal symptoms and my legs were unrecognizable 2 months later!

The Dr didn't warn about this at all. I stopped using it because it made me feel more terrible. My legs just seem to be getting worse and worse since using the estrogen.

Nov 27, 2017
Agree with you on hrt cuasing cellulite
by: Joy

Estrogen causes weight gain, it is a mitogen causing fat cells to proliferate. Progesterone does not do this unless a low amount is used. Wray and Carol K explain this further up on this thread.

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