Breast Growth

by Dianne

Hi Wray, you mentioned that only Estrogen helps to enlarge breasts. What Estrogen Cream do you suggest is safe to use with Natpro coz I don't want it to interefere with Natpro?

I read on the internet that mycrogynon pill helps to enlarge breasts but I don't know the safety of it and if its going to interefere with Natpro, please could you advise? Many Thanks.

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Sep 06, 2010
Breast Growth
by: Annonymous

Adding estrogen to your body for the intent of growing your breasts? Is this a joke? Once you read what excess estrogen does and the horrible side effects, I can't imagine purposefully adding it to one's body for "estetic" purposes. How about the increase risk of breast cancer? Good gosh if you really would like more estrogen, I would gladly donate the extra that I am trying to get rid of. Wow! I suggest you visit the side effects of estrogen dominance before you consider just randomly using estrogen.

Sep 06, 2010
Breast Growth
by: Wray

Hi Dianne I can't really recommend any oestrogen for enlarging breasts. As with the stimulation comes risks, and not only to the breasts, but to any hormonally sensitive tissue. The problem with using it it will counteract the progesterone, so you would need to use more progesterone. But the higher progesterone would suppress the oestrogen, and you would then have to increase that. So a never ending circle ensues. Mycrogynon is a combo contraceptive pill containing ethinylestradiol, a synthetic version of oestrogen and levonorgestrel which is a synthetic form of progesterone. It comes with many potential adverse side affects, see here. Not something I would advise. The only apparently safe oestrogen is oestriol, but it doesn't have the same stimulating affects as oestradiol. I wish I could be of more help. Take care Wray

Sep 09, 2010
Thank you so much
by: Dianne

Oh my word you guys are GREAT thank you sooooo much for both your inputs. I really need all the trueth I get get my "hands" on :))) Thank you so very much. This has been VERY helpful. I will definately still have questions but will post them as they arise coz I have never really had anyone teach me about my body coz I never asked, so this is the first for me. I love this website!!! It is verrry informative! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! God Bless

Sep 20, 2010
Thank you so much
by: Wray

Hi Dianne Well I'm so pleased the advice we gave didn't fall on deaf ears! And bless you for the kind words about the site. Take care Wray

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