Wray: Questions about Tyrosine

by Beansprout

Just recently i've taken a closer look at Tyrosine and understand, according to your recommendation on the anxiety page, that i should start with 250mg and increase slowly. I've only only found 500mg capsules. Is it perfectly okay to open the capsule and use half of the contents in a small shot of almond milk (the bottle recommends a small amount of fruit juice or other carbohydrate for optimal absorption) and should i then leave the other half of the capsule for the next morning or take a second 250mg dose later the same afternoon?

I've also read to use caution when using Tyrosine. That side-effects can sometimes be severe. That was enough to get my attention. Strangely, i can't seem to find what some of those side-effects might be. It's important that i gather all the information i can before taking my first dose. I also understand that if i take too much it actually make symptoms worse.

1) Would you mind shining a little light on how best to "increase slowly" and how i'll be able to know when i reach the right dose for me?

2) Can i combine and take other supplements at the same time?

3) Does Tyrosine have any negative effects on the thyroid?

4) Will it help or hinder my weight loss?

5) If i were to have an adverse reaction and discover Tyrosine just isn't for me how long do those adverse symptoms, if they were to occur, last before it washes out of my system?

6) Lastly, knowing all that you know about me at this point, do you think Tyrosine would benefit me or would you recommend i avoid it?



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Aug 04, 2013
Wray: Questions about Tyrosine
by: Wray

Hi Beansprout It is best to start slowly if you've never taken it before, as it can worsen existing symptoms. I never take capsules, all my supplements come in powder form, far cheaper! Some taste foul but I add it to a small amount of fruit juice, although some can stomach them in water only. I find I can take 1/2tsp tyrosine and it makes no difference to me. You'll have to experiment. The co-factors are B3 and folic acid, a capsule of each would be fine. As it's the precursor to dopamine, which is our 'get up and go' neurotransmitter, it's usually better to take it in the morning. The only supplement to avoid is tryptophan, that's if you take that, as the other aminos tend to shunt this to one side. This is a blurb I did on tyrosine, see if you need it once you've read it.....
Although a non-essential amino acid, tyrosine is one of the most important. It's the precursor to the neurotransmitter dopamine, and the stress hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline. It's also the precursor to the two thyroid hormones T3 (triiodothyronine) and T4 (thyroxine), plus melanin, the pigment found in hair and skin. It's part of the enkephalin peptide involved in regulating and reducing pain, and increasing pleasure. Tyrosine is essential for any stressful situation, cold, fatigue, emotional trauma, prolonged work, sleep deprivation, it improves memory, cognition and physical performance, and is used for weight loss treatments. Lack of protein and stress lower tyrosine levels, with a subsequent reduction in dopamine. Dopamine is essential for motivation and vitality, it's also essential for a normal sexual response. A drop in dopamine increases levels of prolactin, the hormone of lactogenesis, but also an inflammatory hormone. Increased prolactin causes a drop in libido. Acute, uncontrollable stress depletes dopamine, leading to depression and a rise in cortisol and prolactin, tyrosine reverses this. The rate limiting step in dopamine synthesis is the enzyme tyrosine hydroxylase. Insufficient levels of vitamin D inhibit tyrosine hydroxylase, resulting in a disturbance in the dopamine pathway. The dopamine pathway requires the progesterone receptor. A lack of tyrosine can lead to addictions to tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroin and glucose. These substances raise dopamine levels. Tyrosine is used effectively for substance abuse. Take care Wray

Aug 06, 2013
Some Benefit
by: Beansprout

Hi Wray - I do feel it gives me some useful benefit. I like that it has been used for emotional trauma because not only am I dealing with hormonal imbalance but also the death of a child to which I have handled about as well as such tragedy can be handled. At least that's what many people continue to tell me anyway.

Through the long grieving process you learn to accept what your mind just isn't willing to accept. But you never really heal. It's an open wound that feels just as raw now as it did 4 years ago when the sheriff's deputies came knocking late one Sunday night.

The ups and downs of approaching menopause has only added to an already difficult to impossible situation and made everything feel that much worse.

Could I break open all of my capsules and add them to the same glass of water. I do have some concerns about the effects, if any, of taking so many of them (capsules) and the ingredients used to make them and where do you buy them in powder form?


Aug 07, 2013
Some Benefit
by: Wray

Hi Beansprout I had no idea you had lost a child, how truly awful, I'm so sorry to hear this. No wonder you are having such difficulties. Any stress makes it worse, but that stress you've been through would cause havoc in your body. Your dopamine will be very low, so yes tyrosine will be of great benefit to you. But best to start slowly, although knowing the above now I feel the 500mg capsule won't touch sides with you. It can be taken with the other supplements too. We get ours from a wholesaler to make our complexes. The same wholesaler sells to other companies who encapsulate the product, we prefer to leave them as powders, as I said due to making them more affordable. But we also have much higher doses than those found in caps, all based on studies. Some like the inositol which we use at 4000mg/day, would require taking 8 capsules. In fact the daily dose of one of our complexes is the equivalent of 40 capsules! The best site I've found for powder form supplements is LEF. Although they don't have all as powders, and some only in caps. I'm wondering now if you're using enough progesterone, as I think it's only about 100mg/day? You might consider increasing it as it does lessen the Stress response. Many blessings, take care Wray

Aug 09, 2013
by: Beansprout

Thanks for the information as well as the recommendation. As for the progesterone I recently bumped myself up to 200mg all the days of my cycle up until ovulation where I've been using 300mg the last 14 days up to the time I start bleeding and that has been the magic number for me. I am managing quite nicely on that regime thus far.

As for the Tyrosine, yes, I do feel a difference. I can't really describe what that difference is but I feel less overwhelmed emotionally. I started dividing my 500mg capsule taking 250mg first thing in the morning and 250mg late afternoon and that, too, seems to be working quite nicely. I really haven't felt anxious or any anxiety since increasing my progesterone and adding the Tyrosine, well, except for an afternoon recently when I got so busy trying to manage one too many things and realized I had skipped lunch when my blood sugars crashed. I have to be more careful. At least for the time being until things balance out a little better for me. I do best when I eat several small meals a day every 2 hours. So skipping that one meal threw everything off. I've also added 100mg of chromium since then and that is helping my blood sugars regulate themselves a little better.

Thank you for your kind heart. There is nothing that prepares you for this kind of tragedy. You just have to take one day at a time.

Aug 10, 2013
by: Wray

Hi Beansprout So pleased the 200mg, plus the 300mg is working for you, it is trial and error finding the right amount, and the right protocol too. Delighted the tyrosine is helping, it should do knowing all you've been through. See how you get on with that dose, adjusting it as you feel fit. It's so easy to miss a meal if doing too much, something I'm prone to do too. But at least you're aware of it. I have nuts in my vehicle in case I miss one! Chromium will help, so too will inositol, and glutamine or glycine, two amino acids which can be slowly broken down to glucose. I take all of these on a daily basis. When you have the time I would love to know how you get on. No nothing can prepare you, I send many blessings. Take care Wray

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