by Maz/Pearl (same person)

Sorry for any name confusion on my previous posts.

When my cycle finally stopped about two years ago. I started taking Wild Yam and also tried Praria Maurifica (can't spell it).

I stopped the PM as I had very odd breast tenderness. I took the Wild Yam in small doses that had zinc with it for about a year after mistakenly thinking (conflicting info out there) that the diesongenin was progesterone!

Ok, now I know better I can do better. But, is Wild Yam actually a form of Estrogen taken this way? It did help me feel much better but, coupled with lock down, I did start to gain some belly fat and pounds. Also being vegan I was having soy products etc (Now stopped thanks to Joys advice)

I am wondering if I caused my own Estrogen dominance this way?

Anyway. Third week on bio Pro. Third day in on Nat Pro and increasing it after Joys advice again. I have to say I love the feeling of the Nat Pro cream, it glides on like silk, goes straight in unlike the previous brand that left a film due to its glycerine content. It is a wonderful moisturiser as well. What a great side effect.

Ladies spent hundreds on such creams, so why not quit that and put your pennies towards the Nat Pro instead. It's a win win, organic, and full of the good stuff. Just an idea, but worth it. I will be discarding all my old hand creams and moisturisers now and using this instead.



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Aug 15, 2021
by: Joy

Hi Maz/Pearl

Many thanks for clearing your 'name' up and thank you for your kind words. Natpro is indeed a wonderful product.  I find that from time to time I need something a little more moisturising for my face as I get older.

FYI, I do find it a lot easier to keep one thread going as I can't remember what was said in your previous posts.

Just a little info on yam.  Many people are confused about how progesterone is made and where it comes from. The confusion arises because many websites and blogs provide misinformation, as you clearly found out. Some say that it is made from yam, while others say that it is made from soy.

Progesterone is made from various plant sterols, all plants have sterols which are often called phytosterols.  Plants such as the soybean, Dioscorea species of yams, fenugreek, sisal, calabar bean, some lilies, yucca, some solanum species, maize and many more contain phytosterols. Some of which are stigmasterol, diosgenin, beta-sitosterol, campesterol, hecogenin, sarsasapogenin, solasodine. As these plant sterols have a similar molecular structure to cholesterol, they are used as starting points for the synthesis of progesterone. So the synthesis ends with a progesterone molecule, or molecules. It is only progesterone and can only be progesterone. If it was contaminated with anything else, be it yam, soy or any other plant, it would not be legal to call it progesterone. The bottom line is, it does not matter what plant is used for synthesising progesterone, the end result is progesterone, nothing more and nothing less.

Wild yam does seem to have some estrogenic properties. A wild yam extract enhances estradiol binding to estrogen receptors and induces transcription activity in estrogen- responsive cells.  If the yam has been synthesized correctly it can only be natural progesterone as mentioned.

I have not heard of Praria Maurifica to be honest with you, so I really can't comment on it.  

Good luck with your Natpro journey and do keep in touch.

Take care.

Aug 15, 2021
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Ahhh that is the missing link then. Thank you. Also, thank you for the post coment, I will get the hang of things I promise.

I was on the floor with fatigue, and an excellent organic wild yam product did help a lot, but as suspected I was increasing estrogen a little bit. Coupled with all the soy products and lockdown I gained weight. Despite walking ever day, hooping, yoga and cycling. I suspected it as my bust increased in size!!!!

I am over the three week mark with progesterone now, a week into Natpro, and what I can report on is an insatiable appetite. And really bad sweet cravings. I gave in to a craving for dairy ice cream. I have never wanted that in years, I just guessed perhaps my body needs a bit more protein, so Inwill address that, as a veggie/vegan it's always so easy just to eat too much carbs :)

Any thing diet wise recommended whilst on Natpro?

I won't give up, I will keep going, but it does worry me.

I know that progesterone can be converted in the body to testosterone and estrogen, but I guess it does it if necessary in a balancing way?

So, I will just leave it to the Natpro to do its thing and give it time.

Yes, PERERIA mirifica, is touted for menopause help for energy, but I have also read that Texans people take it to develop breast tissue, I guess that means it might be estrogen if too. I stopped it after a week as it was unpleasant breast soreness.

Thank you again for replying, the wild yam will be left alone too, dropped the soy. No more ice cream "sigh" what a battle menopause can be!

Much love xx

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