What do you think of this?

by Maz

Having just started a few weeks in on progesterone therapy, I find this video and advice that contradicts everything about progesterone.

I would love this sites views on this vid as I do know this woman promotes HRT without actually saying she dies directly.

I have noticed how much progesterone is referred to when it would be the medical grade synthetic version given and not a bio identical.

So much conflicting information out there now.

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Aug 12, 2021
What do you think of this?
by: Joy

Hi Maz

First of all you have come to the right place for the CORRECT information about progesterone and estrogen for that matter.  Of all the Progesterone Misconceptions out there this has to be right up there!!  I wanted to stop watching the video because of it but I really found it hilarious!  There are many misconceptions about progesterone sadly.  Rather look at this video, everything is explained in a more mature and accurate manner.

She does state some truths about when progesterone levels start to drop etc. To say that progesterone is only needed during pregnancy is ridiculous.  Equally ridiculous is that if one has a hysterectomy, progesterone is not needed.  Really?  Must the brain tell the body to stop producing progesterone after a hysterectomy?  Progesterone is needed more than ever after a hysterectomy. Our body makes progesterone all the time.  It is made in the ovaries for females and testes for men, the brain, adrenals and the glial glands. What is the body/brain supposed to do, tell these places to stop producing progesterone because there is no pregnancy?  She is correct in stating that progesterone is very much needed during pregnancy, in fact a deficiency could result in a Miscarriage.  I could go on and on about the misconceptions in her video but I don't have the time.  All the information is on the website for all to read.  

A note on estrogen.  There are well over 100 estrogen mimics in our Environment as it is why do we need to take more?  I have been using progesterone for 16/17 years now.  I will never stop using it and I will NEVER take extra estrogen.  

Take care and happy reading.

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