TBI Recovery story...

by Jennifer Eve

In 2008, August 8, 2008, I had a traumatic brain injury and it left me with severe amnesia. Prior to my injury I had been taking progesterone supplementation with creams to obtain normal menstruation. On the day of my injury, which was quite by accident I was struck while I left my husbands truck and fell to the ground, being struck by the car doors. There was an evident concussion and during my recovery two days later I fell and struck my head again on a dresser. I was placed in a doctors care immediately and the doctors began testing for any damage. About 6 weeks later it was evident I had little to no memory of my life and people that had been in it. All the time throughout my beginning recovery I used progesterone cream only because it was habit, and I even remember wondering why i was using it. It made me feel better overall, and enhanced my emotions. It has been a long process, lots of therapy appointments, memory recall through my husband and family members. I have had experiences almost child like because I could not remember the world and social formalities. I have had to remember hard things, because the actual damage caused PTSD symptoms, and my brain only preferred to recall terrible incidents in my life. I have had to work very hard for the memory I do have and feel blessed. The knowledge that I was able to retain like finances, driving and cooking, and even the ability to love my daughter were intact, but my knowledge of the world involving people was severely damaged. Emotions were very hard to process and I almost became addicted to things like sex and having good emotions. New experiences for me were always proceeded with child like expectation. My memory recall is important to me, I have since learned I was someone very different before my head trauma and have even grieved the person I was before. Last year I changed my diet and had the biggest memory recall since my injury. It was amazing, painful, and overall beneficial because I have never stopped asking questions. I am not the typical 43 year old, after the injury I had to learn what it was like to be an adult and have adult thinking and processing. The amount of information I have had to learn and relearn is astounding. I have fully recovered, but I still see a therapist to talk with about difficult things. Expression is important, love is important to someone who has suffered a brain injury. This is only a short story of what has really happened to me. My husband always held me after my injury and I feel the progesterone provided that love emotion, I was able to bond with my husband, and my daughter immediately afterwards.

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Jun 29, 2015
TBI Recovery story...
by: Wray

Hi Jennifer Eve Thank you for sharing your story, and what a journey it's been! I'm so relieved you were already using the progesterone prior to the accidents. And that you remembered to use it afterwards. It really does have remarkable healing properties. It's interesting you should mention "the progesterone provided that love emotion', it does, see here, here and here. Take care Wray

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