Stop or continue using progesterone cream during pregnancy

by RT

I am 13 weeks pregnant have been on the bio-identical progesterone cream Progensa Plus since 4 months before I got pregnant. I am doing 10mg twice daily, 20mg in total. My first pregnancy was a miscarriage at 14weeks and that is the reason my ND put me on this cream. I got my progesterone tested at 8 weeks and it was a 21.5 which my doctors said was good but my ND was concerned as it should be higher due to supplementation. I was planning on weaning off the cream during my 16th week but am unable to decide whether I should actually get off of it or should continue using it for a longer time or through out my pregnancy. My ND wanted me to wean off at 16th week but said I could stay on it if I wanted to. But my only concern is would it be masking an abnormal pregnancy if any and if there would be any issues after pregnancy if I continued to use it through the end of the term.
Unable to decide if I should wean off and stop or continue, and how do I decide firmly on one, would any testing before stopping help. My Ob-GYN says that after 10 weeks there is no point as the placenta takes over and this supplementation does not aid the progesterone that the placenta produces, which does not make sense to me since anything consumed into the body reaches the baby via the placenta !! And she also said that after 10-12 weeks testing the blood serum for progesterone does not make sense to measure the progesterone being produced by the placenta in the uterus.
Progesterone supplementation is one thing I have been so confused about and now this just adds to the already confused state.

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