question re periods and progesterone cream

by Leonie
(Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia)

I scored 72 on the questionnaire!! I started the cream about 2 weeks ago, I found this information re progesterone cream 5 months after a nervous breakdown (my recovery story is here: its been a long and slow return from a kind of madness. I only turned a corner when I started the cream. 2 weeks ago. Im now having a period, (Im 45 years old and I am sure Im in peri menopause) and i wanted to know, can I take the cream through the period??? I got the first bit of my period yesterday and didn't take the cream and OMG, the headache was back all migraine and madness and wanting to go crazy. so i put some cream on, and today my period is definitely here, but I feel like I'm losing the plot, my mind feels fragile, I just feel like Im going to lose my mind.

so, 1. can i take the progesterone through my period?
2. is it normal to feel like you are going crazy, like a pressure in the head and i feel like i have no control at all, like when i was a teenager and i thought i was just going to scream if it felt any worse.

its the mental instability that I cant stand, even worse than the horrific headaches. my dr testing came back normal levels of hormones but it doesn't make sense. I'm just using the cream, the truth is i don't want to come off the cream to get the saliva test.

I feel like i need some guidance on all this. xo

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Sep 09, 2016
Estrogen Dominance and stress
by: Karin

Hi, I can't answer your question about using the cream through your period because I am in menopause and don't have a monthly visitor anymore. But it sounds to me like you have estrogen dominance (ED) and maybe need to use the cream through the whole month, and possibly up the dose. I say this because I now realise I am in and out of ED. I have to watch my stress levels like a hawk. As soon as I get stressed, I start feeling terrible and notice many ED symptoms getting worse. I get stressed very easily. It drives me mad. I also notice this incredible tension in my head and the beginnings of a severe headache. I can feel the bones in my skull cracking from muscular tension in my head. If I feel bad, I dab on another bit of cream because when you are stressed you need more progesterone, and it helps. I'm starting to watch my diet more closely, trying to use only organic products on my body and I use Estrofactors by Metagenics. It is pricey though. Apparently this product helps move excess estrogen out of the body. I feel as if I am at war with the estrogen in my body and am determined to win! I now also realise that a lot of what I thought were mental problems (depression and anxiety) for many years was probably just estrogen. I wish I had known about this 20 years ago. I think I read on this website a while ago that when endocrinology (the study of hormones) is completely understood, psychiatrists will be without a job. I am understanding this more and more each day. I hope this helps a bit. Good luck, Karin

Sep 10, 2016
I can relate
by: Anonymous

I had a nervous every breakdown at age 49

Was completely housebound due to severe anxiety

Started progesterone 200 mg per day divided into 2 doses am & pm

After a month or 2 of non stop use - my symptoms began to go away

It's been 3 years now and I still take progesterone everyday - I have managed to lower to only 100 mg per day .... Any lower than that and the anxiety returns

Just keep using it is my advice

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