Progesterone pregnancy and post birth

by Sue


My daughter is 30 years old and has recently had her breech baby delivered by c section.

She is recovering well physically.

However, approximately one year before she fell pregnant she was diagnosed with vestibular migraines/vertigo and was badly affected by this being unable to function, experiencing many neurological symptoms for some 4 - 6 months. She then started taking progesterone cream and 2 weeks later was migraine/vertigo free. She continued using progesterone on and off and found that if she came off for any length of time her migraines and vertigo would come back.

Fast forward to her pregnancy where she continued initially with progesterone, in the second trimester she stopped using progesterone and again found herself back in the cycle of migraines and vertigo. Progesterone again seemed to alleviate the symptoms. Towards the end of her pregnancy she had two episodes of very bad migrainous/veertigo symptoms. Both were preceeded by a virus, The first episode lasted for 3/4 weeks which was incredibly distressing abd debilitating for her. Eventually, out of desperation, she took 100 mgs of bio identical progesterone as a tablet and felt immediately better the next day, experiencing 4 weeks of good mood and health. She then contracted another virus, in the 37th week of her pregnancy and the symptoms of migraine/vertigo came back after 3 days. She again took progesterone but this did not seem to help at all. She ended up in an anxiety and panicked state and was prescribed something to help her with the anxiety so that she could go into hospital and have the baby delivered.

She is now back home with her baby who is 4 days old. She is again experiencing vertigo and migraines and is unsure whether it is safe to take progesterone during this time. Also she is unsure what her hormones are doing and worries about progesterone dominance and any symptoms that would cause. She is desperate not to go back onto the cycle of migraine and vertigo. Mainstream Doctors over here (UK) do not recognise bio identical hormones or know very little about them. Her prescribing doctor is not confident to offer advice regarding pregnancy, post birth and bio identical hormones.

Are you able to offer any advice please?

I should also add that my daughter has struggled with hormone related difficulties since her early 20s when she was diagnosed with PCOS and suffered horrendous PMDD

I look forward to hearing any thoughts you can offer.

Best Wishes

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Oct 18, 2021
Progesterone pregnancy and post birth
by: Joy

Hi Sue

How terribly distressing for your daughter and for you! I am at a loss for words regarding your prescribing doctor.  Why is he or she not comfortable helping post birth?  So weird to me.  Could it be that they don't know much about it?

From what I am reading it is clear that your daughter has suffered a hormonal imbalance from an early age.  Such a pity that she wasn't able to use progesterone cream then.  I mention cream because all oral progesterone is not the best Delivery Method as 96% gets destroyed by the gut and liver.  This is why her vertigo etc keeps returning. Progesterone was/is not being used correctly.  Please read How to use Progesterone Cream. Most Headaches are caused by a hormonal imbalance  i.e.  too much estrogen.

After pregnancy hormones are all over the place so she will experience Anxiety etc . Please suggest to your daughter that she try some of those calming nutrients mentioned on the page. The Pregnancy page will explain a lot more to both you and your daughter.  Something that you need to be aware of is PND. Your daughter could slip into that so you need to try and avoid that.   Should this set in, then a high dose of progesterone is needed. Doctors should know this of course.  Read up on PCOS too.  PMDD is usually caused by hormones not being balanced. If progesterone is used correctly she will benefit greatly.

Vertigo usually happens more frequently in women in Peri-Menopause which starts at around 37, but can happen at any time.  The cause is from progesterone withdrawal during the few days prior to bleeding, leaving estrogen the dominant hormone.  If you are wanting to go the progesterone route, understand that progesterone needs to be the dominant hormone at all times.  This applies to everyone who starts with progesterone therapy. Estrogen Dominance symptoms need to be addressed which we all suffer from if not using progesterone. Please consider using a good organic progesterone cream such as Natpro which is a 3.33% cream. I suggest that you daughter use progesterone cream going forward.

Your daughter is also most probably deficient in Vitamin D3 What is her level? The level must be optimal at all times.  D3 will help greatly with her anxiety as well as other health issues, it's vital.   A deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone.

I wish your daughter well.

Nov 24, 2021
further question
by: Anonymous

(daughter typing)

I am now 6 weeks postpartum, and have had a few good days (coinciding with upping my progesterone) however I have hit a wall now, with the progesterone seeming to cause me dizziness. I have had a hormone panel completed and my estrogen (at the time of typing) was in post menopausal ranges, with my testotserone being similar. My progesterone levels were low but not postmenopausal. My vertigo is increasing as the days progress and I am breastfeeding. Do you happen to know why this may be? Could it be hormonal or am I barking up the wrong tree here.

Nov 25, 2021
Further Question
by: Joy

Hi there (daughter)

This is definitely hormonal especially after birth, your hormones are all over the place. Please let me know what progesterone you are using and how much. Could you also share you test results so that ratios can be worked out.

Just so you know, progesterone would not be causing your dizziness but perhaps you level is too low which is why I need to see your results. The causes of dizziness are numerous.

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