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After experiencing some hormonal ups and downs due to severe emotional stress (also losing my cycle) from a family crisis as well as a previous food-borne liver illness, my doctor put me on birth control (even though I was entirely adamant about taking it). I had recently become a vegetarian and they didn't even think to check my iron or b vitamin levels. The doctor convinced me, however, and I stayed on for three months before I decided to quit due to my personal opinion on health and harmful chemicals. I began seeing a naturopath and they treated me for candida based on my symptoms. Amazingly my skin cleared and I felt better but I don't believe the initial issue of missing my period was ever resolved. On top of that I follow a completely strict macronutrient and organic diet (no dairy, sugar, or gluten: they also convinced me to eat meat again but luckily its almost always free range so I feel a little enlightened by that) and ran every day yet gained weight which was very disheartening. Finally I was able to get a saliva test done and found my progesterone level was at a 37 whille every thing else was within normal range. So I finally started progesterone cream from wild yam extract and I take 1/4 tsp twice daily on days 14-28. I started last Wednesday and now it seems everything is worse. My main goal was to clear my skin but I haven't had any luck. In fact, it's gotten worse which only adds to the stress. On top of that, I feel more emotional and was fairly queasy this morning with added anxiety and difficulty breathing. I feel like it's the "estrogen wake-up" kicking in but my doctor says they've never heard of it. I am supposed to be young and healthy, I eat better than anyone I know, yet it seems that every year there is a new health problem.

Overall I am just hoping for some clarity and inspiration since now I seem utterly lost and doubtful that my skin will ever be clear again and that I will always have this heavy weight to carry.

I am also taking a supplement for adrenal/hormonal support as well as a b-complex, fish oil, a probiotic, magnesium, and just started 5000IU of Vitamin D3 drops with K2.

Any advice would be very encouraging and sorry for the very long ramble.

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